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Cinder Snake is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Ciniserpent from the planet Solitudinem in 5 Years Later.


Cinder Snake has a grey ash-like body, that has the shape and physiology of a snake. He has three green eyes with pupils and a black head covering with two green and white circle patterns, as well as a green pentagon pad. His physiology transitions more from a solid substance, to a more gaseous one the further away from the head it goes

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his forehead.


  • Ash Manipulation- Cinder Snake can shoot balls of burned ash from his mouth as well as clouds of a toxic smoke. 
  • Body Manipulation- Because of his ash like body he can slip through tight space.
  • Regeneration- He can pull his body back together if dispersed.


  • Unstable Anatomy- Because of his ash like body physical attacks can easily disperse his form and water can seriously hurt him.


While Solitudinem is mostly a desert, the Ciniserpents live in caves full of natural sugar deposits that they feed on.






  • Ciniserpent come from the Latin word for "ash" and the word "serpent". Solitudinem is Latin for "desert".
  • He is based on a sugar reaction that creates a long ash snake.