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Commander Crow Shay Searez is a character that appears in Episode 7:Kylmyss.


Crow Shay Searez has yellow skin with orange spots, and stalker-like appendages connecting his eyes to his face, giving a slug-like appearance. A beard-esque like appendage is seen near his mouth. He has a swirly browns shell on the top of his head. He is slightly out-of-shape for his species.


  • Elastic Epidermis- Crow has rubber-like skin, making his body highly elastic and difficult to damage.
  • Mucus Secretion- He secretes a slippery mucus from his underbelly.
  • Prehensile Eyestalks- Crow has long elastic eyestalks capable of grasping objects and can even be used to deliver tremendous blunt force impact.


  • Heavyset- While his eyestalks can mover very quickly, his body itself is very slow due to his tiny limbs.
  • Heat Sensitivity- He must keep himself moist for his mucus. Otherwise, he'll begin to dry up and can then be damaged very easily.



  • He is the same species as Slugger.
    • He was chosen to be this species after his first design was noted to resemble Slugger, so he was redesigned to resemble Slugger even more. However, his shell is different.
  • He was named by Chris, his voice actor, based on an event where his named was called in an extremely mispronounced fashion as “Crow Shay Searez”.
    • It is normally pronounced “Crah-Ket Sears”.
    • Chris also read the scene in fifteen different voices/accents before his final take was chosen.