5 Years later Wiki

The continuity of all material related to 5 Years Later.

High-Tier Canon

  • Comic Pages- The source of the story of 5 Years Later.
  • And Beyond- Additional information of the Multiverse.

Mid-Tier Canon

  • YouTube- The 5 Years Later Facts videos, Ben 10 ILLUSTRATED, etc.
  • Statements from The Ink TankInformation said by writers and artists working on 5 Years Later.
  • The 5 Years Later Wiki- Pages on the wiki written by the 5 Years later Wiki Development Team.


  • Art Commissions- Characters created by fans of 5 Years Later.


  • April Fools Jokes- The Generator Rex in 5 Years Later page from 2018.
  • FusionFall RetroA discontinued video game that featured 5 Years Later content.
  • Non-Canon Art Commissions- Characters or Transformations that are not considered canon to the comic.
  • Insane-Mane Concept Art- After December 2018, Alex Gautreaux left the Ink Tank. All concept art by him not used in 5 Years Later is not canon.