Corrodium is a mineral naturally found all over the Anur System, specifically Anur Khufos. Possessing mutagenic properties, Corrodium is a highly sought after material, being central to the Thep Khufan's culture and economy. Corrodium can be found in either crystalline or metallic forms.


Corrodium is capable of being used as a power source, similar to uranium. The Thep Khufan utilize the mineral to carve structures and trinkets, with the high ranking members of the society sleeping in sarcophagi carved from pure Corrodium. Most notably, Corrodium produces a powerful radiation that, when exposed to, can mutate species of life, most notably, humans. Due to their species developing around it, the inhabitants of Anur are immune to its negative effects. When humans are exposed to Corrodium, their bodies become warped beyond recognition and their minds becoming corrupted to increase aggression. While the mutagenic effects are temporary, prolonged exposure to Corrodium results in a permanent mutation, and made Sentinent Gourds.

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