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Crazyvulgar is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Sasgenet from the planet Porzey in 5 Years Later.


Crazyvulgar is a humanoid transformation with frog-like green lycra skin and untamed moss-like hair. He has two large eyes with white pupils. He has two small nostrils and yellow teeth. He wears a black, white and green uniform going over the left side of his upper body down to his thighs. His arms and legs have frog-like digits.

When his abilities are are active, he begins to glow green.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his forearm, which has a white, black, and green brace.


  • Pheromone Release- Crazyvulgar can release a special pheromone that "awakens" the inner lust within his opponent. When effected by the pheromone, his enemies perceive Crazyvulgar under a form that corresponds to their deepest desire.
  • Illusion Projection- Crazyvulgar is able to to create illusions with the intended purpose of distracting his enemies.
  • Mind Reading- Crazyvulgar can read the thoughts of any living creature and unearth their most hidden, personal desires. This allows him to create more effective illusions.
  • Oxygen Independence- Crazyvulgar may not breath at all, meaning he can safely survive in the vacuum of space.
  • Enhanced Strength- Crazyvulgar possesses immense physical strength, far surpassing human limitations.
  • Power Development- Every five years, Crazyvulgar develops and his abilities become stronger. For example, at the age of 15, Crazyvulgar needs a special device to generate his abilities (Usually a backpack). By the age of 20, this is no longer necessary and he is able to utilize his abilities without the need for a support item.


  • Suppressive Personality- Crazyvulgar has an overwhelming personality that is difficult to control. The longer Ben stays in this form, the less control he has over his emotions. If he loses enough sanity, Crazyvulgar could use his abilities on ordinary passers-by, which can greatly interfere in combat situations.
  • Fero- Fero's are the natural predator of Crazyvulgar's species. These predators feed on the pheromones produced by the Sasgenets and eventually, the Sasgenet's themselves.


The Sasgenets along with another species, the Roskombans, were created by the scientist known as Daf in a failed experiment to create an ideal lifeform. However, Daf's curiosity at what the species might provide for the galaxy led him to settle the two species on a previously uninhabited planet. Over time, the Sasgenets and Roskombans engaged in warfare to decide which species was worthy to rule the planet. The Sasgenets emerged victorious and named the planet Porzey, after their king, Zey. In the aftermath of the war, the Roskombans escaped to the darkest depths of the planet, where they began to scheme and plot to take back the planet. The Roskombans created a new species of Fero, the Sasgenets natural predator and attacked once more. The attack failed, with the Sasgenets even taming some of the Fero. Using the Fero's DNA, the Sasgenets created more animals to defend against another future attack from the Roskombans.

Many years later, one of Azmuth's assistance arrived on the planet and requested DNA for Azmuth's Omnitrix, to which King Zey agreed to provide his DNA sample.






  • Initially, Crazyvulgar had a completely different story and name, but was changed by Zeynal to better fit 5 Years Later.
  • Due to Crazyvulgar's inordinate personality, Ben rarely utilizes this transformation.
  • Sasgenets like to give names to the many forms they take. For example, Crazyvulgar likes to call human female form, Crazygirl.
  • The scientist Daf, was named after one of the creators of Crazyvulgar, FSA, who's also known as Dan.
  • The planet Porzey and King Zey were named after Zeynal10, one of the other creators of Crazyvulgar.