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DIO or is a character in And Beyond. He first appeared in Design-Your-Own Horas Contest Winners!. He is a robot created by the Plumbers.


With his armor on, DIO looks like a more weaponized Horas Unit. He wears a mask and torso armor composed of orange and gray metals. His armor has temperature stabilizers all over, which glow yellow when activated. His mask has transparent visors and two orange nodes on his lower mask. His armor has two twin antennas on the back and two mechanical arms coming out of his armor, which have tools such as a saw, a sample container and a scanner. He also has the slightly modified Null Void projector of a normal Horas unit in his chest and armored version of normal Horas tendrils.

Without his armor on, DIO is similar to a normal Horas Unit with his orange and gray color scheme.


DIO speaks with a menacing voice and is very menacing overall. He respects his orders from the Plumbers. He is not afraid of most things due to his specifications.


  • Teleportation- Like most Horas units, DIO is equipped with a Null Void projector that allows him to teleport to other worlds and dimensions. DIO's null void projector is slightly modified to work in very harsh environments.
  • Thermal Armor—DIO wears a suit of armor able to withstand things such as the temperature of a star's surface and the coldest depths of space. It is equipped with many stabilizers that keep his internal systems at the right temperature. This armor can also be detached for maintenance in between missions.
    • Special Visors- DIO's thermal armor mask has specialized visors that allow him to see farther away whenever he needs to.
    • Twin Antennas- DIO's thermal armor has two twin antennas on its back, which are based on Horas's normal antenna. They are designed to have a better connection in harsh environments.
    • Mechanical Arms- Dio's thermal armor also has two mechanical arms with three fingers each. These arms also have specialized tools such as:
      • Specialized Saw- This saw is made from a very durable metal and can cut through most materials.
      • Sample Container- A container with a thin needle that can be used to contain microscopic samples.
      • Scanner/Laser- A scanner that can be used to scan objects and surfaces. It can also be used by DIO as a laser by changing its settings in case his saws aren't enough.


  • Damaged Cooling/Heating System- If DIO's temperature stabilizers are damaged, this can lead his internal systems to either melt or cause icing problems.


DIO was designed by the Plumbers to be a more durable version of the standard Horas unit that can withstand very harsh environments such as star surfaces, the space between galaxies and galaxy groups, etc.

During the testing phase, Ben left a bottle of Vodka in the plumber lab which was used by Blukic and Driba by accident instead of the cooling liquid. However, DIO still completed his test run on Sun's surface, Kuiper belt, Oort Cloud, and between the Solar System and Alpha Centauri System, managing to stay intact.



  • DIO was named after one of the main antagonists from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure franchise, Dio Brando.
    • His name also refers to the fact that he is much more durable than a normal Horas unit, as Dio means God in Italian.
    • The name came was picked after the creator asked O.R.Ash how the Horas units can be named.
  • The idea for DIO came when the creator was reading about the contest on the discord and thought of an orange Horas with Rover-like arms.