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Danielle 'Dani' Fenton, sometimes referred to as ”Dani Phantom”, is an incomplete clone created by Vlad Masters using Danny Fenton's DNA.

Dani was to become Vlad's heir to his evil empire. Dani discovered Vlad's intentions and rebelled against him, forming a familial relationship with her “cousin” Danny, eventually leaving to explore the world.


Since Dani is a genetic clone of Danny Fenton they share many of the same physical traits.

In her Ghost Form, Dani's hair glows snow-white, becoming much longer and prone to movement. Her eyes glow green and her irises disappear. Her skin also becomes slightly darker than in her human form. She wears a black super suit with a white collar, gloves, and boots, and sports his logo across her chest. Her suit lacks any seams or tech-adhesives, since it was not originally a jumpsuit like Danny's, and was made to be her super suit from its creation.


Dani is like her cousin in a lot of ways, sharing many quirks and interests.  She's somewhat naïve, open spoken, irresponsible, and at times stubborn.  


  • Ghost Form/Going Ghost- Dani can transform between human and ghost at will. This manifests as white rings extending from her waist, then sweeping across his body. Once transformed, she can use all of her ghost powers. She can switch back to human form at will and can still access some of her powers like weak ghost rays and intangibility in human form. However, Dani prefers to stay in her ghost form, due to not needing a normal life.
    • Ghost Sense: When a ghost is nearby, a shiver runs up her spine and a blue wisp of cold air comes out of her mouth. This may mean Dani has the potential to develop Cryokinesis like Danny.
    • Ghost Ray: She can fire green ghost rays. While Dani was unstable, this power burned through her quickly, but as of “D-Stabilized” she can handle this power with ease. She can fire ghost rays in the form of discs from her hands and discharge waves of energy from her feet via to a charge up swing kick as well.
    • Spectral Body Manipulation: She can form a ghost tail while flying.
    • Flight: Standard ghost power. Dani can fly almost as fast as Danny.
    • Intangibility and Invisibility: Standard ghost powers to become unseen by anyone and untouchable. Dani is able to walk or fly through solid objects.
    • Overshadowing: Standard ghost power. Dani has overshadowed Maddie, Jack and then Mr. Lancer. While overshadowing someone, she can disguise her voice, but not their eyes. Apparently, overshadowing originally put a hefty strain on her because of her unstable DNA. However, she can probably maintain overshadowing someone with much greater success now.
    • Superhuman Strength: At her most powerful, she once threw Vlad through five stone columns, this could mean that her strength is about 5-10 tons.
    • Superhuman Agility & Reflexes: In her ghost form, Dani's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels beyond those of a normal human being. She has better reflexes and is more agile than the finest human athlete.
    • Superhuman Durability: She is almost as durable as Danny.
    • Healing factor: after being injected with the Ecto-Dejector Dani was able to reconstruct herself after being melted into a puddle.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Now that Dani is stable, her stamina has greatly increased to somewhere around Danny's. Since she is no longer unstable, Dani's musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human.


  • Overexertion (Formerly)- Since her biology is unstable, using too much of her own Ecto-Energy would cause her to melt into a puddle of ectoplasm, killing her. However, she had found a cure for her unstable biology.


After the Disasteroid crisis, Dani has ceased using her 'Human Form', as it was never really human to begin with, and with Danny's secret out, there is no reason to hide her identity. She travels the Earth learning as much as she can about different cultures, trying to find her place in a world without a war of Humans and Ghosts fighting. She still visits the Fenton Family on Holidays and special celebrations, and has a VLOG where she posts breathtaking photographs from miles above the world.




  • Due to her being an artificial creation, she is technically not a ghost. She does not have a soul either, due to her not being "real", so she will not become a Ghost upon death.
    • This also prevents her from physically aging. While she resembles a preteen, she is biologically six, and will remain with the same appearance until her death.
  • The name “Danielle” is the female French variation of “Daniel.”