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Danny's Belt is a piece of anti-ghost weaponry created by Fenton Works after the Disasteroid crisis that Danny Fenton incorporated into his superhero arsenal, taking it with him on his adventures and utilizing it during Eon's Campaign.


Danny's Belt is a metallic white belt with a circular green button in the center.


  • Spectre Deflector- The belt can produce a ghost deflecting bubble that prevents ghosts from getting in or out. So far, Vlad's Shadow is able to get out. Danny activates this with a button in his glove.
  • Spectre Slicer- The belt is able to fold itself into a blade resembling a katana or normal sword, which is compressed extremely densely, creating a weapon that is capable of harming Ghosts. Danny can filter Ecto-Energy into the blade, with the sword extending its blade depending on how much energy is filtered into the belt's chamber. As Danny continues to evolve, so does the sword, becoming larger and Danny now being able to control it telekinetically. The sword can now also strike independently of Danny.


  • In Chapter 3: Reunion (Page 1–25), During the Battle in Bellwood, Danny puts the belt on Vlad and activates the Spectre Deflector to trap him while he saves Ben. Later in that chapter, Danny morphs the belt into an energy compressor and summons it to him during his fight with Vlad, which gives him the upper hand.
  • In Chapter 8: Risen (Page 37–47), Danny utilizes the belt's Spectre Slicer to battle Vlad.
  • In Chapter 10: Again (Page 1–26), Danny uses the belt's Spectre Slicer to battle Vlad and his clones, using the sword to help fire a blast that reveals the true Vlad. He later uses the Spectre Slicer to battle Vlad once more.