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"I'm Going Ghost!"
―Danny Fenton[src]

Daniel Jonathan Fenton,[2] also known by his superhero name Danny Phantom, is the main protagonist of 5 Years Later.


In his Human Form, Danny is Caucasian with black hair and blue eyes. He has a lean athletic build. He frequently wears warm colors and casual clothing.

In his Ghost Form, Danny's hair glows snow-white, becoming much longer and prone to movement. His eyes glow green and his irises disappear. His skin also becomes slightly darker. He wears a black jumpsuit with a white collar, gloves, and boots, and sports his logo across his chest. His belt can be transformed into various utilities.

When Budding, Danny's hair can ignite into flames, and his logo glows green. His eyes also engulf entirely in a green glow.

Danny begins to experience an Awakening with his Ghost Form, giving him greenish-blue skin and long, pointed ears. His teeth now have fangs, while his hands start growing claws. His hair is now permanently ignited in white flames, and his eyes lose his pupils entirely, and begin to bulge as the skin around them turn black. His suit is almost much brighter and tinted blue.

After pushing his Awakening form further to Stage II, his suit transforms into a sleeker design, with longer boots and gloves, and switched to a greenish-blue color. His hairline and eyebrows change shape, as well, and all of his teeth turn sharp.

After absorbing dark matter and afflicted by past events, Danny becomes enraged and transforms into Phantom Fury. In this form, Danny's body appears white with his midsection and feet a bright red. His eyebrows and eyes glow red, with his ears and feet taking on more bat-like characteristics. His hair is engulfed in a light red flame.

Due to receiving energy from Vlad, Danny begins to change slightly yet again, with his eyes now glowing purple. Afterwards Danny is torn between each side of the conflict, which causes him to burst with anger, transforming him into Phantom Frenzy. In this form, Danny's body becomes leaner and monstrous. His arms become longer and the logo on his chest becomes larger. His hair becomes engulfed in a chaotic black and red liquid.


"Ben, you don't get it. I can't..."
"Can't what? Fight? You've survived this long and you're still standing. Lead? You stepped into the Null Void without a second thought, just to make your father happy. Win? Aren't you the one with dozens of statues around your planet, and a holiday dedicated to your heroics? You're not afraid of battle, you're afraid of having others depend on you."
―Danny Fenton and Ben Tennyson[src]

During his first few years of being a hero, Danny had trouble with both controlling his Ghost powers and trying to live a normal life as a teenager. Danny would often question if his powers were either a blessing or a curse, caused from constantly having to save his home from the threat of Ghosts from the Ghost Zone and also needing to keep his identity a secret. However, he always put himself last when the situation called for it and faced each threat that came his way without hesitation.

Since retiring from ghost fighting for about 5 years, Danny has become much more reserved and grounded. He is more focused on his family and friends than the fate of the world, but still has humanity's best interests at heart.

  • In Chapter 1: Alienated, Danny's determination shines through, discovering an alternate universe out of his want to help his dad.
  • In Chapter 3: Reunion, Danny gets engulfed in rage when face-to-face with Vlad after five years presuming he was dead. Vlad's presence is enough to push him over the edge due to the amount of torment Vlad put him and his family through in his teenage years. This shows that even Danny, when pushed to the limit, is willing to kill.
  • In Chapter 9: Time Out, Danny has been shown to fully understand and accept both the situation he is in and the power and responsibility he has. He also realizes how much he has to lose if he is defeated, and this awakens his inner ghost abilities and pushes him beyond his limit.
  • In Chapter 10: Again, Danny's emotions begin to amplify when under the influence of his Awakening Form.
  • In Chapter 11: Shattered, Danny finally reaches his breaking point, and unleashes his Phantom-Fury Form.
  • In Chapter 12: Unleashed, Danny's emotions continue to grow unstable when under the influence of his new form, alongside Vlad and Lula trying to negotiate him joining their respective sides.


"Ecto-Energy. All ghost powers come from it."
―Danny Fenton[src]

Natural Abilities.

  • High Intelligence - Even for a Human, Danny has shown above average Intelligence. Danny is able to quickly learn and replicate the ghost powers of his foes without needing to train much in some cases. Danny was able to create a multiversal portal after only a few weeks, going from where his father left off. Danny is an excellent strategist, able to adapt and exploit the weaknesses of his enemies.
  • Weapons Expertise - Danny is very skilled with many of the weapons/tools his parent’s made for hunting ghosts, sometimes better than them. He is also a natural with a blade so much, so he incorporated the Spectre Slicer into his arsenal.
  • Experienced Pilot - Danny is a considerably skilled pilot, having much experience with the Specter Speeder as well as with spaceship simulator video games.
  • Hybrid Physiology - After being exposed to the Ghost Zone's energy, Danny’s rewritten DNA granting him ghost powers and a ghost form.

Ghost Powers[]

  • Ghost Form - Danny can transform between human and ghost at will. This manifests as white rings extending from Danny's waist, then sweeping across his body. His battle cry, "I'm going ghost!" or a variant thereof, often accompanies his transformation.
    • Ghost Physiology - In his ghost form, his stats skyrocket with no defined limit on how much they can grow. Ghosts can fly due to gravity not affecting them, becoming intangible and invisible, able to sense if other ghost are around, along with a baseline resistance to other ghost abilities. They are able to survive in a vacuum as he does not need Oxygen.
    • Partial Transformation - Danny can use suppressed ghost abilities in his human form like ghost rays, invisibility and intangibility. Danny’s eyes will be glowing green instead of their normal blue.
    • Awakening Stage - Awakening is a stage when a ghost will evolve at a much more rapid pace than normal which can greatly amplify their powers and abilities or grant new ones. "The Awakening Stage amplifies Danny's emotions, which also factor into these rapid transformations, and can cause negative side effects if not handled correctly." All changes the ghost goes through in this stage will be permanent.
    • Ecto-Energy Manipulation - Danny is able to manipulate this trans-dimensional energy to various forms, from hard light to goo-like substance. He can shoot energy from his body, form shields, absorb the ecto energy of other ghosts. The more powerful a ghost is, the more difficulty Danny has consuming their ecto-energy, etc.
    • Ecto-Elemental Manipulation - Due to the chaotic nature of ecto energy, Danny is able to morph it to represent the elements, namely fire and ice. He can even coat his entire body in the substance like in the case of his Phantom flame state or make clones purely of ecto flames or ice.
  • Ghostly Wail - By using ecto energy to amplify his scream, he can unleash a powerful sonic blast that is considered his strongest offensive ability. He can amplify this ability even further by using an elemental on top of it like he did with Phantom Flame to do the Flaming Howl.  
  • Duplication - Danny can create duplicates of himself which share his abilities and are of nearly equal power. However, with so many clones Danny could lose focus as his concentration is split amongst all the clones he creates.


  • Danny's Belt - It's a metallic white belt with a circular green button in the center. Danny‘s belt works as a Spectre Deflector, which can produce a ghost deflecting bubble and prevent ghost from getting in or out. It can stun Ghosts that touch it or its wearer when activated. He seems to activate this with a controller in his suits gloves as seen in Chapter 3.
    • Spectre Slicer - Danny's belt can morph into a blade that can cut through Ecto-Energy. The size of the blade depends on how much energy is filtered into the belt's chamber and compressed extremely densely. As Danny continues to evolve, so does the sword, becoming larger and Danny now being able to control it telekinetically. The sword can now also strike independently of Danny.
  • Specter Speeder - The Specter Speederis a Ghost Zone exploration shuttlecraft.
  • Infi-Map - The Infi-Map is the only complete map of the Ghost Zone that exists.
  • Fenton Thermos - Danny's Fenton Thermos is a special Ghost containment unit that Danny uses to trap his foes.



  • Anti-Ghost Weaponry- In ghost form, Danny is vulnerable to all anti-ghost devices, made by Fenton Works or Vlad Co. Some anti-ghost devices, such as the Specter Deflector, can affect him even while in human form.
  • Ecto-Ranium- Danny is extremely vulnerable to Ecto-Ranium, as all ghosts are.
  • Blood Blossoms- If Danny is in the presence of Blood Blossoms while in ghost form, he will be rendered powerless and will undergo great pain.
  • Infrared Vision- When invisible, Danny can still be seen in infrared, as he still radiates heat. Now that Danny has unlocked his Awaken form this weakness no longer applies to him.


After unlocking his Awakening Form, he has surpassed all of his previous weaknesses.

  • Overexertion/Overexhaustion- Danny has a limit to how much of his Ecto-Energy he can use in quick succession. If he pushes himself too far, he will revert back to his Human form.


Early Life and Ghost Portal Accident[]

"When I was fourteen, I was in this sort of accident that gave me ghost powers. With them, I saved the whole world. But then, I grew up."
―Danny Fenton[src]

From the moment he was born, Daniel "Danny" Fenton has had to deal with ghost-obsessed parents, Jack and Maddie Fenton, as well as his overbearing sister, Jazz, both of which have negatively impacted his life as much as they have positively impacted it, though generally he became distant from his sister and his mother. Due to these factors, Danny initially had difficulty making friends growing up, generally mocked by the people who knew of his family and their quirks. He took little interest in ghost-hunting and instead preferred researching and dreaming about space, hoping to become an astronaut when he was old enough. Later on, he met a fellow social outcast- the "technogeek" Tucker Foley, followed by the "ultra-recyclo-vegetarian" Sam Manson in Amity Park

Danny getting his Ghost powers

Danny getting his Ghost powers

In his teenage years, Danny was convinced by Sam to investigate his family's malfunctioning Fenton Portal, a device designed to pierce the natural barrier between the "Real World" and the "Ghost Zone". Upon entering the interior, Danny mistakenly pressed the "On" button on the side wall, inadvertently activating the portal while still inside it. This violently rearranged his molecules, infusing his DNA with ectoplasm. When he first woke, he realized he now had snow-white hair and glowing green eyes. He had been turned into a "halfa"- a hybrid of human and ghost DNA.

For the first month following the accident, Danny struggled to maintain control over his newfound powers, often causing his pants to turn intangible and fall down (usually in public), among other incidents that sent his already low standing on the social ladder at high school and beyond further down than ever before. Danny found himself wanting to inform his parents of the situation- presumably in the hopes of a cure- but never found the right opportunity to talk to them about it.

Becoming Danny Phantom[]

Despite this, Danny would soon find a reason to keep hold of his abilities while keeping them secret from his family. With the Ghost Portal active, ghosts from the Ghost Zone went through the portal for a variety of reasons- the majority of which involved harm to the residents of Amity Park where Danny lived. Danny knew what he had to do, he had to stop all the ghosts that were coming through. Due to his friend Sam's efforts to change the cafeteria's menu to an all-vegetarian selection, the Lunch Lady Ghost arrived and attempted to set things back the way they were through violent means, coming into conflict with a combat-inexperienced Danny. However, through trial and error, Danny managed to defeat the Lunch Lady Ghost, seal her away in his family's Fenton Thermos and subsequently discover his new calling- unofficially becoming Amity Park's defender against anything and anyone who would threaten it.

Early in his career Danny "Phantom" was neither a particularly well-known or well-regarded individual amongst the people of Amity Park; exploits were limited to small-scale battles with rogue ghosts who attacked minor people, never obtaining public attention. Danny struggled to maintain what counted as his social life with his self-appointed heroic duties, usually resulting in both inconveniencing the other and bringing his public image as low as seemingly possible. However, events only grew worse when Walker- one of Danny's recurring foes with a considerable grudge against him- personally went out of his way to ruin Danny's reputation in the eyes of the people.

Meeting His Arch Enemy[]

Even with these setbacks, Danny continued to fight for good, mastering new powers, making new allies and even more powerful enemies. One fateful trip to Wisconsin led Danny to meet Vlad Masters- an old friend of his family... but now secretly a villain after a lab accident, very much like the one Danny himself suffered, had changed the man into a halfa himself. However, whereas Danny used his powers to defend the innocent, Vlad manipulated those around him to amass an incredible fortune and recklessly pursue his personal goals.

Though Vlad offered Danny the chance to train with him should he renounce his father whom Vlad blames for the accident that changed him, Danny immediately refused, resulting in a bitter rivalry between the hybrids. Danny continued to train himself with his friends, discover new abilities to contend with more dangerous foes and truly grow into the hero he wanted to be. With the growth of his willpower and skill came the growth of his character- he learned to appreciate his family's eccentric personalities and stop caring so much about what others thought of him, while in turn learning to stop putting so much pressure on himself to fit in through the superficial concepts his high school peers obsessed over.

The Disasteroid[]

After so many adventures and defeating so many ghostly foes- including his own evil future self- the day came when Danny and Vlad had their final battle... or so it appeared. Vlad hoped to break Danny's spirit by creating his own team of ghost-hunters, a group dubbed the "Master's Blasters" to make him appear obsolete. Danny's will was finally broken when his continued defiance resulted in his parents being attacked and nearly arrested by the Master's Blasters, forcing Danny to reflect on his purpose in life and ultimately deciding that his powers were not worth keeping around, so he went back into the Fenton Portal to activate on himself again and seemingly strip him of his powers.

Vlad's greed gave Danny a reason to return to the fight; a massive asteroid composed of the unique anti-ghost material "Ecto-Ranium" threatened to the destroy the planet. Attempting to capitalize on the event, Vlad revealed his secret identity to the world and forced the world leaders to meet his demands if they wanted everyone to live. However, Vlad's hubris led him to concoct this scheme before he knew of the asteroid's composition, resulting in his efforts being for naught and bringing the world that much closer to devastation. Tucker came up with an alternate method to save Earth from the "Disasteroid" which required the help of every known ghost in the Ghost Zone, so Danny quickly rounded them up by force. Their attempts to eliminate him only resulted in the latent ectoplasm still within Danny's body to re-energize, returning Danny Phantom back to the forefront. He convinced the ghosts that saving Earth was in their best interests as both the Real World and the Ghost Zone were cosmically intertwined, and as such the destruction of one realm would end with the destruction of the other.

R Ch1p03

The Disasteroid problem

By channeling their powers through a colossal machine that spanned the entire planet, Earth itself was rendered intangible and allowed the Disasteroid to pass through the planet without fanfare, thus saving both realms from annihilation. With his own secret outed to the world, Danny's name was known across the world and himself recognized as the savior of the planet- statues were erected in his likeness and a holiday made in his honor. Even his best friend Sam- having already grown much closer to Danny ever since he obtained his ghost powers and became a hero- opened up to him and they became a couple. Life was finally perfect for Danny, so he retired from superhero work for five years to settle down and think about his future, only to be dragged back into conflict with the reappearance of Vlad, and a sinister plot that threatens the Multiverse.

5 Years Later[]

Chapter 1: Alienated[]

In the hopes of making his father proud, Danny continues his father's project of upgrading the Ghost Portal to travel to other worlds. After believing he succeeded, he ventures into the mysterious new world to confirm that he did so but, is trapped and his Specter Speeder is out of power, which forces him to land in the now-abandoned Rooter's Base. This causes an alarm to go off and alert Ben Tennyson of his presence. A fight ensues across the Null Void between the two heroes, until their battle awakens a Way Bad. The two teams up to take on the creature and after beating the Way Bad, Danny travels back to Ben's Universe with Ben and Rook to figure out a way to get back home.

Chapter 2: The Lonely Ghost[]

Danny along with Ben and Rook, discuss ways to get him home and he begins to doubt his heroic ability after years of living a non-hero lifestyle. After Lula warns them of a threat in Bellwood, Danny is forced to go with Ben, where they encounter Vlad Plasmius, his old foe.

Chapter 3: Reunion[]

Danny fights Vlad and after an extended battle, becomes insanely drained and weak. He is saved by Ben as Gravattack, who pins Vlad using gravity. Before Danny can question him, Vlad escapes with the help of Eon.

Chapter 5: Oversight[]

Danny returns with Ben from the battle and meets The Orion Squad. He later meets Gwen and Kevin, who discuss with him how to reach Vlad. He later accompanies the rest of The Heroes to follow Vlad's temporal trail, which leads him to Zim's Dimension where he senses Vlad and another ghost in The Massive, draining a dwarf star of its power.

Chapter 6: Weightless[]

Danny initially fights Technus alongside Gwen in space. Later, he keeps Vlad busy while Ben and Gwen try to destroy The Massive. When Ben accidentally creates a black hole, Danny helps him collapse it by having Ben absorb his Ecto-Energy as NRG. They are successful, but he immediately falls unconscious.

Chapter 7: Fold[]

Danny reflects on his friends and family back home, fearing he may never see them again. Rook provides support for him and cheers Danny's spirits. He meets with the others for Zim's interrogation. As The Heroes make their way to the Keshawn Desert, Ben places Danny in charge of the upcoming battle, despite Danny's self-doubt and later arrives in The Keshawn Desert with the rest of The Heroes for a battle against The Alliance.

Chapter 8: Risen[]

Danny battles Vlad and after The Orion Squad shows up, saves them from the destroyed Specter Speeder. Cooper explains to Danny what Eon intends to do with The Godmaker and after telling The Orion Squad to take down Technus, he returns to battle against Vlad, with the two rivals continuing to push each other's limits.

Chapter 9: Time Out[]

Danny tries to fight Eon (now calling himself Divinity) but is interrupted by Vlad. The two continue to battle in a temporal void, where Vlad reveals his new form and power. He tells Danny of the untapped potential he possesses, explaining to him that his humanity is holding him back. In one last desperate move, Danny uses the rest of his remaining power, to unleash a powerful combo attack. Vlad easily tanks the attack and Danny falls to the ground, exhausted. He is saved by Ben and Future Fenton. After his rescue, he tries to tap into this potential, becoming his Awakening Form to battle to Divinity with Ben, and Future Fenton.

Chapter 10: Again[]

Danny, Ben, and Future Fenton battles an army of Vlad's image clones, diminishing Danny's energy. To recharge, Danny absorbs the power of one of the clones to recharge, but the dark energy within Vlad begins to overwhelm him. He manages to release it as a powerful blast, removing all of the clones. Danny unleashes a ghostly wail on Divinity, but it is redirected, prompting Ben to take Danny and Future Fenton in retreat. Ben creates a portal for the three to escape but Danny refuses, believing the best course of action is to stop them now before they become too powerful. Danny's anger pushes his Awakening Form to Stage II. This leads to an argument between Danny and Ben, which is broken up and settled by Future Fenton. After making up, Vlad attacks the trio, with Divinity soon following and Danny is caught in Divinity's clutches alongside Ben.

Chapter 11: Shattered[]

Danny first appears in a flashback with Sam Manson. The two discuss their future as they part ways, with Sam promising to marry him as soon as she gets back. Back in the present day, Danny is broken free by Ben and the two unleash a simultaneous attack on Divinity, causing him to mysteriously vanish. The two battle Vlad and Technus, with Danny and Ben able to trap Vlad in dark matter. But, he quickly escapes and forces Danny into a dark matter orb. Danny, unable to escape, succumbs to the chaotic effects and experiences past events, affecting his sanity. Future Fenton attempts to break Danny out and Danny wakes up, having absorbed the dark matter and transforming into Phantom Fury. He immediately attacks Vlad engulfed in rage at his longtime foe who has caused him so much trauma.

Chapter 12: Unleashed[]

Danny continues his assault on Vlad, demonstrating an uncharacteristic ferocity, as well as replicating Vlad's duplication power. After heavilyinjuring him, Danny asks Vlad if this is what he wanted for him, to which Vlad affirms yes. Vlad congratulates Danny on his evolution. He attempts to convince Danny to listen to him, saying that the both of them can't endure their existence alone and that his allies don't care for him like he does. Danny, unstable due to the awakening process, is persuaded by Vlad and accepts his offer, beginning another metamorphosis. At that moment Lula and GoTro find Danny and attempt to reason with him, which enrages him, causing him to attack. He is contained Future Fenton, who attempts to calm him down, citing his awakening as the reason for his mental instability. Vlad counters with the fact he has not been affected by Ecto-Energy corruption by accepting himself, and asks again for Danny to join him. Conflicted and angered, Danny breaks out of Future Fenton's grip, telling everyone to shut up. In the process he creates rips in the Temporal Zone, causing it to rip open to other dimensions. Danny, now transformed into his Frenzy state, pins Vlad, Future Fention, Lula and GoTro in place, declaring he is on nobody's side and will make everyone stop fighting, even if he has to force them.

And Beyond[]

  • Danny appears in the third episode of And Beyond when Horas mentions his accident and Jack's success.


5 Years Later[]

And Beyond[]


  • Danny is a certified junior astronaut.
  • Danny writes in cursive.
  • Kuro is proud with his design of Danny, saying that incorporating the jumpsuit feel into a superhero suit was the coolest he could look without it making it seem like he customized his suit from the original franchise.
  • Danny's ghost form is a polarization of what he looked like when he first entered the Ghost Portal.
  • Danny attended Ronald Lancer's funeral.
  • His middle name, Johnathan, is a reference to 'Johnny Phantom', one of the names considered before settling on 'Danny' when Danny Phantom was first developed in 2002. This is only canon to 5 Years Later.
  • The green energy Danny produces is turquoise, to contrast Ben's lime-green.
  • At one point, Kuro drew Danny with a beard instead of Ben.[3]


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