" I'm Going Ghost!"
―Danny Fenton[src]

Daniel Jonathan Fenton is the main protagonist of 5 Years Later.

After becoming a hybrid of Human and Ghost DNA during a lab accident, Danny took on the role of a superhero to protect Amity Park and the world from the dangerous ghosts of the otherworldly dimension known as the Ghost Zone. However, after stopping his archenemy Vlad Masters and the Disasteroid, Danny retired from superhero work for five years, only to be dragged back into conflict with the reappearance of Vlad, and a sinister plot that threatens the Multiverse.


In his Human Form, Danny is Caucasian with black hair and blue eyes. He has a lean athletic build. He frequently wears warms colors and casual clothing.

In his Ghost Form, Danny's hair glows snow-white, becoming much longer and prone to movement. His eyes glow green and his irises disappear. His skin also becomes slightly darker. He wears a black jumpsuit with a white collar, gloves, and boots, and sports his logo across his chest. His belt can be transformed into various utilities.

Danny begins to experience an Awakening with his Ghost Form, giving him greenish-blue skin and long, pointed ears. His teeth now have fangs, while his hands start growing claws. His hair is now permanently ignited in white flames, and his eyes lose his pupils entirely, and begin to bulge as the skin around them turn black. His suit is almost much brighter and tinted blue.


"Ben, you don't get it. I can't..."
"Can't what? Fight? You've survived this long and you're still standing. Lead? You stepped into the Null Void without a second thought, just to make your father happy. Win? Aren't you the one with dozens of statues around your planet, and a holiday dedicated to your heroics? You're not afraid of battle, you're afraid of having others depend on you."
―Danny Fenton and Ben Tennyson[src]

Since retiring from ghost fighting for years, Danny has become much more reserved and grounded. He is more focused on his family and friends than the fate of the world, but still has humanity's best interests at heart.

In Chapter 1: Alienated, Danny's determination shines through, discovering an alternate universe out of his want to help his dad.

In Chapter 3: Reunion, Danny gets engulfed in rage when face-to-face with Vlad after five years presuming he was dead. Vlad's presence is enough to push him over the edge due to the amount of torment Vlad put him and his family through in his teenage years. This shows that even Danny, when pushed to the limit, is willing to kill.

In Chapter 9: Time Out, Danny has been shown to fully understand and accept both the situation he is in and the power and responsibility he has. He also realizes how much he has to lose if he is defeated, and this awakens his inner ghost abilities and pushes him beyond his limit.


"Ecto-Energy. All ghost powers come from it."
―Danny Fenton[src]

Ghost Powers

  • Ghost Form- Danny can transform between human and ghost at will. This manifests as white rings extending from Danny's waist, then sweeping across his body. His battle cry, "I'm going ghost!" or a variant thereof, often accompanies his transformation. Once transformed, he can use all his ghost powers. He can switch back to human form at will, and can still access some of his powers, such as: weak ghost rays and intangibility.
    • Awakened Form- Once Danny evolved his ghost form to its awakened state, every single ghost ability he has is presumed to have evolved also, becoming much more powerful than ever before.
    • Transformation Shock/Aural Projection: Danny can call for a massive amount of spectral energy, sending out a wave of white light that repels any nearby enemy ghosts, sending them flying away from him. It takes the shape of his transformation rings, but does not transform him.
  • Intangibility- Danny can turn his body intangible to pass through walls or other solid objects.
  • Invisibility- Danny can make his body invisible to both humans and ghosts.
  • Flight- Gravity doesn't affect Danny's ghost body, so he can fly through air and space at considerable speeds and heights, as well as walk along vertical surfaces. While flying, his legs often become a ghost tail. His top speed was measured to be 112 mph in an early episode, and he has almost certainly gotten faster since then.
  • Paranormal Immunity- As a half-ghost, Danny is resistant to many types of ghost powers that normally harm humans.
    Danny blast w sword

    A Flame Charged Danny fires and energy blast while wielding his Ecto Sword.

  • Ecto-Energy Powers-
    • Ghost Ray- Danny can fire green blasts of ecto-energy from his hands or fingertips. These blasts often explode on contact and are powerful enough to melt steel.
      • Repulsion Field- Danny can send out a pulse of energy in all directions from his body to repel large groups of attackers.
    • Energy Strike- Danny can channel ecto-energy through his fists to enhance the strength of his physical attacks.
    • Ecto-Energy Constructions- Danny can create constructs made out of solid ecto-energy in a variety of forms, including concentrated ecto-energy balls, waves, and explosive discs and rings.
      • Ghost Shield- Danny can generate shields made of solid ecto-energy that can nullify or even reflect attacks from other ghosts. Like his ghost rays, Danny's shields are green in colour.
    • Power Augmentation- Danny can use his ecto-energy to increase his body's physical strength.
    • Ghost Stinger- Danny can send ecto-energy as electricity through an electric current, negating his enemies' electric attacks and sending them back at the attacker.
    • Ghost Light- Danny can project light from his hand using ecto-energy.
    • Telekinesis- Danny can project a ray of ecto-energy that he can use to grab objects.
    • Ghostly Wail- Danny generates an extremely powerful sonic blast of pure ecto-energy that can destroy buildings and cause severe damage to both humans and ghosts. The ghostly wail is Danny's most powerful ability. This power drains his energy extremely quickly, often forcing him to revert to his powerless human form after just one use. While he is capable of defeating almost any foe with this power, he only uses it as a last resort.
      Flaming howl

      Danny combining his abilities.

    • Phantom Freeze- Danny can engulf part of, or his entire body, in stable ecto-energy, resembling Ice. This can give Danny a more destructive and powerful use of his powers when in desperate combat.
      • Freezing Howl- Danny can combine his Ghostly Wail with his Phantom Freeze to create a powerful sonic stream consisting of ecto energy.
    • Phantom Flame- Danny can engulf part of, or his entire body, in unstable ecto-energy, resembling flames. This can give Danny a more destructive and powerful use of his powers when in desperate combat.
      • Flaming Howl- Danny can combine his Ghostly Wail with his Phantom Flame to create a powerful sonic stream consisting of ecto energy.
    • Ecto-Multitask- Danny has been shown to be able to use several of his major ghost abilities at the same time. In Chapter 9: Time Out, he was shown to use three different Ghost Howls, two of which fused with his Phantom Flame and Phantom Freeze.
  • Overshadowing- Danny can possess the mind and body of a person, ghost, or animal, allowing him to completely control his or her actions. While overshadowing, Danny can still use his powers of flight, intangibility, invisibility, and ghost rays.
    • Exorcism- Danny can separate a possessed person from a ghost overshadowing them simply by grabbing them with his hand or using a ghost ray.
    • Dream Invasion: Danny can overshadow a sleeping subject in order to get inside and influence his or her dreams.​​​​​
    • Fusion: This power, when activated, allows him to simultaneously merge with other ghosts at once, giving him access to the powers of both. To activate this effect, Danny must overshadow the ghost whom he wishes to combine. Fusing with another ghost at a time requires Danny to have the physical and mental resilience to handle the strain. It also comes with great risk, the ghost user could also potentially "overwhelmed you". Danny had a brief crack in his face after he fuses with Vlad Plasmius. So far, Danny Phantom has the most fusion forms: Danny Fenton and Dark Danny.
  • Duplication- Danny can create duplicates of his body that all have his ghost powers and can fight alongside him.
  • Cryokinesis- Danny can fire blasts of icy energy from his hands or eyes that can freeze enemies on contact, radiate cold energy from his body, and create objects from ice out of thin air. When using this power, his eyes turn icy blue instead of their usual glowing green. Danny can combine cryokinesis with his other powers for enhanced effects, such as firing an icy explosive blast or generating an ice shield to block fire attacks.
    • Ghost Sense-: When Danny is in close proximity to another Ghost, Danny feels a chill come over him, signalling the ghost's presence to him.

      Danny's Ghost Sense.

  • Pyrokinesis- Danny can generate balls or streams made of ectoplasmic fire.
  • Spectral Body Manipulation- Danny can bend, twist, and otherwise contort his ghost body beyond the limits of normal human physiology.
    • Plasticity: Danny has the ability to stretch certain or all parts of his body in an elastic fashion.
  • Superhuman Strength- Gravity doesn't affect Danny's ghost body, so he can lift heavy objects with ease. In ghost form, he is strong enough to rip through reinforced titanium and can easily lift and throw hordes of enemy ghosts.
  • Superhuman Durability- While human, Danny can withstand many hits and blows that would cause injury to any normal teenager. In his ghost form, his body is incredibly resistant to damage, and he also has demonstrated a high threshold for pain.
    • Vacuum Resistance- Twice, Danny was in outer space without a spacesuit and was unaffected by the vacuum. However he needed a helmet, he possibly needed it in case he reverted back to human form.
  • Superhuman Agility- In his ghost form, Danny's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels beyond those of a normal human being. He can effectively dodge attacks, swing from things easily, and perform acrobatic feats such as back-flips.
  • Superhuman Reflexes- In ghost form, Danny has dramatically enhanced reflexes, being able to dodge attacks with ease
  • Supernatural Stamina: While human, Danny has the same level of stamina as a normal teenager, but in ghost form, he can exert himself at peak capacity for hours before fatigue begins to impair him. In "Reality Trip," he was able to keep the Fenton Jet invisible for an entire night.
  • Supernatural Equilibrium: Probably due to his flight ability, he has the ability to achieve a state of perfect equilibrium in any position imaginable. He seemed able to adjust his position almost by instinct, which enables him to balance himself on a scythe, balanced on a rope at great high and perfectly walk on a wall like if its the floor.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor- Danny is capable of healing at much greater speeds than that of an ordinary human. He is able to quickly heal himself from slashes and puncture wounds within a short amount of time. His suit also regenerates when he reverts to human form.
Surviving space

Danny using his freezing abilities while fighting in space.

  • Teleportation- Danny apparently obtained the power of teleportation. His act of teleportation is making his body become slightly disfigured then fading away and appearing in another place.
  • Underwater Breathing: Twice, Danny has been seen breathing and talking underwater. It is possible that he does not need to breathe at all in ghost form.

Natural Abilities

  • Quick Learning Ability- Danny is able to quickly learn new things, even often being able to copy many of the powers his enemies use against him without any training.
  • Experienced Pilot- Danny is a considerably skilled pilot, having much experience with the Specter Speeder as well as with spaceship simulator video games.
  • High Intelligence- Even for a Human, Danny has shown higher than normal Intelligence. He was even able to create a successful multiversal portal after only a few weeks, when his father, who had many years more experience, failed to.
    • Skilled Tactician- Danny is an excellent strategist, able to quickly form plans to exploit his enemy's weaknesses in battle.
  • Experienced Combatant- Although he has no formal training in hand-to-hand combat, Danny's powers enable him to execute punches and kicks with superhuman force against his opponents. His career as a superhero and ghost hunter has given him plenty of combat experience.
    • Swordsmanship- Danny showed some ability to handle a sword well in a battle with Vlad, even incorporating a Spectre Slicer into his arsenal.
  • Fenton Weaponry Expertise- Danny can operate his parents' ghost-hunting technology with great expertise, at times even better than his own parents.


  • Danny's Belt- It a metallic white belt with a circular green button in the center. Danny‘s belt works as a Spectre Deflector, which can produce a ghost deflecting bubble and prevent ghost from getting in or out. It can stun Ghosts that touch it or it wearer when activated. He seems to activate this with a controller in his suits gloves as seen in Chapter 3.
    • Spectre Slicer- Danny's belt can morph into a blade that can cut through Ecto-Energy. The size of the blade depends on how much energy is filtered into the belt's chamber and compressed extremely densely.
  • Specter Speeder- The Specter Speeder is a Ghost Zone exploration shuttlecraft.
  • Infi-map- The Infi Map is the only complete map of the Ghost Zone that exists.
  • Fenton Thermos- Danny's Fenton Thermos is a special Ghost containment unit that Danny uses to trap his foes.


  • Anti-Ghost Weaponry- In ghost form, Danny is vulnerable to all anti-ghost devices, made by Fenton Works. Some anti-ghost devices, such as the Specter Deflector, can affect him even while in human form.
  • Ecto-Ranium- Danny is extremely vulnerable to ecto-ranium, as all ghosts are.
  • Blood Blossoms- If Danny is in the presence of Blood Blossoms while in ghost form, he will be rendered powerless and will undergo great pain.
  • Overexertion- Danny has a limit to how much of his Ecto-Energy he can use in quick succession. If he pushes himself too far, he will revert back to his Human self.


Early Life and Ghost Portal Accident

"When I was fourteen, I was in this sort of accident that gave me ghost powers. With them, I saved the whole world. But then, I grew up."
―Danny Fenton[src]

Daniel "Danny" Fenton used to live a normal life in Amity Park with his family, his parents Jack and Maddie and his sister Jazz. He had two friends Sam and Tucker with who he went to school and hanged out with.

One day when he was fourteen his parents were trying to build a machine known as Ghost Portal that would let them access a dimension filled with ghosts known as the Ghost Zone. After their failed attempt made them quit, Danny put on a black and white suit and stepped into the machine. While he was inside of it, he accidentally pressed the button that activated the machine. The burst of energy fused his DNA with ecto-energy giving him ghost powers and inverted colours of his suit, hair, and eyes. After that using his powers he became the hero known as Danny Phantom.

5 Years Later

  • In Chapter 1: Alienated (Page 1- 53), in the hopes of making his father proud, Danny continues his father's project of upgrading the Ghost Portal to travel to other worlds. After believing he succeeded, he ventures into the mysterious new world to confirm that he did so but, is trapped and his Specter Speeder is out of power, which forces him to land in the now-abandoned Rooter's Base. This causes an alarm to go off and alert Ben Tennyson of his presence. A fight ensues across the Null Void between the two heroes, until their battle awakens a Way Bad. The two teams up to take on the creature and after beating the Way Bad, Danny travels back to Ben's Universe with Ben and Rook to figure out a way to get back home.
  • In Chapter 2: The Lonely Ghost (Page 15- 24), Danny along with Ben and Rook, discuss ways to get him home and he begins to doubt his heroic ability after years of living a non-hero lifestyle. After Lula warns them of a threat in Bellwood, Danny is forced to go with Ben, where they encounter Vlad Plasmius, his old foe.
  • In Chapter 3: Reunion (Page 1- 50), Danny fights Vlad and after an extended battle, becomes insanely drained and weak. He is saved by Ben as Gravattack, who pins Vlad using gravity. Before Danny can question him, Vlad escapes with the help of Eon.
  • In Chapter 5: Oversight (Page 5- 33), Danny returns with Ben from the battle and meets The Orion Squad. He later meets Gwen and Kevin, who discuss with him how to reach Vlad. He later accompanies the rest of The Heroes to follow Vlad's temporal trail, which leads him to Zim's Dimension where he senses Vlad and another ghost in The Massive, draining a dwarf star of its power.
  • In Chapter 6: Weightless (Page 4- 35), Danny initially fights Technus alongside Gwen in space. Later, he keeps Vlad busy while Ben and Gwen try to destroy The Massive. When Ben accidentally creates a black hole, Danny helps him collapse it by having Ben absorb his Ecto-Energy as NRG. They are successful, but, he immediately falls unconscious.
  • In Chapter 7: Fold (Page 5- 51), Danny reflects on his friends and family back home, fearing he may never see them again. Rook provides support for him and cheers Danny's spirits. He meets with the others for Zim's interrogation. As The Heroes make their way to the Keshawn Desert, Ben places Danny in charge of the upcoming battle, despite Danny's self-doubt and later arrives in The Keshawn Desert with the rest of The Heroes for a battle against The Alliance.
  • In Chapter 8: Risen (Page 1- 52), Danny battles Vlad and after The Orion Squad shows up, saves them from the destroyed Specter Speeder. Cooper explains to Danny what Eon intends to do with The Godmaker and after telling The Orion Squad to take down Technus, he returns to battle against Vlad, with the two rivals continuing to push each other's limits.
  • In Chapter 9: Time Out (Page 6- 34), Danny tries to fight Eon (now calling himself Divinity) but is interrupted by Vlad. The two continue to battle in a temporal void, where Vlad reveals his new form and power. He tells Danny of the untapped potential he possesses, explaining to him that his humanity is holding him back. In one last desperate move, Danny uses the rest of his remaining power, to unleash a powerful combo attack. Vlad easily tanks the attack and Danny falls to the ground, exhausted. He is saved by Ben and Future Fenton. After his rescue, he tries to tap into this potential, becoming his Awakening Form to battle to Divinity with Ben, and Future Fenton.

And Beyond

Danny appears in the third episode of And Beyond when Horas mentions his accident and Jack's success.


5 Years Later

And Beyond


  • Danny is the main Protagonist of 5YL, even more so than Ben.
    • When asked, Kuro confirmed he could replace anyone, even Ben, but never Danny or Vlad.
  • Danny is a certified junior astronaut.
  • Danny sunburns easily.
  • Danny writes in cursive.
  • Danny's ghost form is a polarization of what he looked like when he first entered the Ghost Portal.
  • Kuro is proud with his design of Danny, saying that incorporating the jumpsuit feel into a superhero suit was the coolest he could look without it making it seem like he customized his suit from the original franchise.
  • Danny did attend Ronald Lancer's funeral.
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