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FANTOMO43-04930 is the original universe of Danny Fenton as well as many other characters in 5 Years Later.


Danny's universe is similar to our own universe. In this universe, Danny lives on Earth, in a small town called Amity Park, where his parents are ghost researchers. They were the first to create a Ghost Portal, which not only gave Danny his powers, but also linked Amity Park with the Ghost Zone. Ghost threats are commonplace in this world. However, once Danny led the ghosts in saving the Earth from the Disasteroid, every officer was armed with ghost-fighting weapons made by Danny’s parents at Fenton Works, allowing the world to keep the ghosts at bay.

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  • If Danny's Earth is destroyed, then the Ghost Zone will be as well, due to these dimensions being connected.
  • The current year in the Danny Phantom Universe is 2010.