Dark Danny, also known as Dan Phantom, is from an alternate timeline where Danny Fenton became so depressed after the death of his friends and family that he wanted Vlad to rip out his Ghost half. However, his Ghost half-turned insane and ripped out Vlad's Ghost half too and fused with it, becoming Danny's Ultimate Enemy.


Dark Danny is a combination of Vlad Master's, and Danny Fenton's Ghost halves in abilities, personalities, and appearance. He still wears Danny's old jumpsuit but it now contains elements of Vlad's old outfit as well, including Vlad's belt and cape. He has Vlad's red eyes, sharp teeth, and blue skin. He also has Danny's snow-white hair however Dark Danny's hair moves like flames.


Dark Danny does retain Danny Fenton's memories, but he is filled with all of the evil aspects of Vlad's personality, including his hate and cruelty towards others. When fighting his opponents he likes to not only torture them physically but also psychologically.


Being a fusion of Danny and Vlad, Dark Danny possesses all of their abilities, including but not limited:

  • Standard Ghost Abilities- Dark Danny possesses the standard Ghost abilities of flight, intangibility, and the ability to turn invisible to the eye.
  • Ecto-Energy Powers-
    • Pyrokinesis- Dark Danny can manipulate a powerful green, Ecto-Energy fire in a variety of ways. In addition, his hair consists of white flames that can ignite flammable objects. 
    • Enhanced Strength and Durability- Dark Danny's physical strength and durability far surpasses even that of Danny or Vlad.
    • Overshadowing- Dark Danny can possess the minds of living beings or even other Ghosts.
    • Ghost Ray- Dark Danny can fire green blasts of Ecto-Energy. He can also fire these rays in the form of sliding waves of energy
    • Ghost Stinger- Dark Danny can fire out Ecto-Energy in the form of electricity.
    • Telekinesis- Dark Danny is able to lift objects with Ecto-Energy or to render his opponents immobile.
    • Ghostly Wail- Dark Danny can generate an extremely powerful sonic scream that can decimate the surrounding area.
    • Ecto-Energy Construction- Dark Danny can create constructs out of Ecto-Energy.
    • Energy Strike- Dark Danny can channel Ecto-Energy into his fists for a more powerful strike.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor- Dark Danny is able to quickly recover from nearly any attack and is incredibly difficult to kill.
    • Ghost Portal Creation- Dark Danny can create portals between his Universe's Earth and The Ghost Zone.
    • Chronolock- Dark Danny exists outside of time.
    • Sprectral Body Manipulation- Dark Danny can bend and contort his body in seemingly impossible ways well beyond the human physiology.
    • Atmokinesis- Dark Danny can manipulate the Earth's weather.
    • Duplication- Dark Danny is able to create duplicates of himself at will.
    • Several Unknown other powers.


Going Evil

In an Alternate Timeline, Danny used his powers to steal the answers to a C.A.T. Mr. Lancer started becoming very suspicious of Danny. Soon he ordered a meeting with the Fentons at the Nasty Burger. Sadly,  the Nasty Burger's vat of Nasty Sauce exploded just at that time, killing Danny's family, his friends Sam and Tucker, and Mr. Lancer. Danny who had nowhere else to stay decided that he should stay with Vlad Masters, knowing that he would be the only one to understand Danny's newly found depression. Despite their history, Vlad treated Danny like his son. Some point Danny would want Vlad to completely remove his Ghost Half from him. The operation was successful but Danny's ghost half who was filled with Danny's anger and negativity removed Vlad's ghost half as well. This fusion resulted in Dark Danny who not only was filled with grief but all of Vlad's evil traits as well. Dark Danny would kill Danny Fenton and destroy Vlad's mansion as well. Dark Danny let Vlad live which is still unknown to this day.

Decade of Haunting's

For the next 10 years, the newly formed entity would go on an all-out rampage across the Globe and the Ghost Zone. Many lives were lost and Ghosts were killed too. Dark Danny would not kill all ghosts he would do something to them to make them suffer. Ember was one of his victims. He ruined her vocal cords and she was not able to sing no more. She started to become very obese after that. The Earth was left in ruins. Dark Danny would eventually come across his old enemy Fright Knight and Dark Danny would become the Fright Knight new Master.

The Prevention

Clockwork had kept a close eye on Dark Danny seeing all of his rampages. The Observants ordered Clockwork to kill Danny's younger self before the accident. Instead, Clockwork sent a series of future ghosts to lure Danny 10 years into the future to battle his younger self. Young Danny would eventually come across an older Vlad who explained everything to him. Dark Danny tried to have Young Danny become him but he failed and he was defeated by Young Danny. Danny imprisoned him in the Fenton Thermos and Clockwork kept him in his palace. During these events, Danny would find out Jazz knew his secret persona and they decided to aid each-other whenever they needed it. Dark Danny has not been seen since but he has been trying to escape the Fenton Thermos.




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