Dental Dam

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Dental Dam is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Vesalcastor from the planet Vasalia in 5 Years Later.


Dental Dam is a chubby, rodent-like transformation. He has shiny white fur with light green spots and bright green hair on his head. His most notable feature, are his two massive incisors that can extend. He has spikes along his back and make up his tail. He wears a green, black, and gold pauldron connected by a green, black, and golden strap. He wears a gold, green, and black pteruges.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his pauldron's strap.


  • Sharp Teeth- Dental Dam possesses extendable steel-dentin compound incisors. Their sharpness rating is comparable to a fully sharpened broadsword.
  • Steel-Dentin Compound Spikes- He has sharp spikes made of the same materials located on his back, hands, feet, and tail.
  • Enhanced Strength- Dental Dam possesses notable strength, especially in his tail and neck.
  • Strong Tail- Dental Dam can use the force of his tail to propel himself off surfaces and swim at high speeds.
  • Enhanced Agility- Dental Dam's strong muscles, allow him to move with incredible agility.
  • Heightened Senses- Dental Dam possesses heightened reaction times, as well as an enhanced sense of smell and hearing.


  • Broken Teeth- His incisors can grow back, but it takes time for them to regrow.
  • Roots- His teeth roots, if exposed, are a considerable weak point if found.
  • Heightened Senses- Loud noises and strong smells can distract and impair his combat abilities.


The Vesalcastor are a fierce warrior race hailing from the planet Vasalia.






  • Dental Dam's fur is shaded differently compared to the normal shading technique. This is to help emphasize the shine of his fur.

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