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Diamondhead is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Petrosapien from the planet Petropia in 5 Years Later.


Diamondhead is a crystalline humanoid alien with light green-blue skin and green eyes, with two protruding crystal spikes off his back. He wears a bodysuit with a black and green shirt and white pants.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest.


  • Crystallokinesis- Diamondhead's body, made nearly entirely of crystal-like material, can shape-shift in an assortment of methods. He can also grow additional crystals for weapons and tools, or at a faster rate for a projectile. He can also use this ability to regenerate injuries or lost limbs. He can also encase beings inside his crystals by touching them. He can also make his crystal projectiles have different effects, such as exploding or encasing enemies in crystals.
  • Energy Redirection- Diamondhead's crystalline body allows him to both deflect and absorb energy and light.
  • Enhanced Physiology- Diamondhead's crystalline body is still incredibly strong, durable, and resistant to harmful substances like fire, acid, and the vacuum of space. He is also able to survive aging effects such as time rays.


  • Regeneration Limit- Diamondhead has a limit to how much he can regenerate.
  • Scatterable Body- Diamondhead might shatter if hit with enough force or with sonic waves.
  • Heat Resistance Limit- Diamondhead has a limit to how much heat he can withstand.
  • Sound Attacks- Diamondhead can be damaged if enough sonic power is dealt.


5 Years Later

  • Diamondhead first appeared in a flashback in Chapter 2: The Lonely Ghost (Page 3).
  • In Chapter 5: Oversight (Page 18–19), Ben transformed into Diamondhead, so he could use his abilities to hold up a plumber ship while Cooper was getting it ready for flying.
  • In Chapter 7: Fold (Page 31), Diamondhead is seen in a flashback fighting against a Leviathan Drone.



  • Diamondhead was confirmed to appear in Chapter 5 prior to its release due to promotional material on the official Discord.
  • Petrosapiens possess several subspecies based on the color of their crystals. It is presumed Ben has a few of these variations in his Omnitrix. This is strengthened by the fact Ben has other aliens and their subspecies in his Omnitrix, like Upchuck and Scorpiblow.