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The Disasteroid is a giant asteroid made of Ecto-Ranium, an anti-ghost element from the Danny Phantom Universe in 5 Years Later


The Disasteroid is a large asteroid with an eerie light green glow. Its most notable feature is the skull-like formation on the left side of the asteroid.


Before 5 Years Later

Five years prior to 5 Years Later, the Disasteroid was on a collision course with Earth, which would destroy both the planet and the Ghost Zone due to its link with FANTAMO43-04930. Taking advantage of this, Vlad attempted to use the crisis as a means of acquiring further power, promising to stop the asteroid in exchange for authority over the entire planet.

However, Vlad's plan to stop the Disasteroid would fail and in a last-ditch effort to save Earth and The Ghost Zone, Dr. Fenton used his technology to create a machine that would use Ecto-Energy to turn the entire planet intangible, allowing the Disasteroid to pass right through the planet. With help from various Ghosts, the plan was successful and Vlad was hurtled into space from the Disasteroid.

And Beyond


And Beyond