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Disk Jockey is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Sanavox from the planet Sonorosia in 5 Years Later.


Disk Jockey is completely made out of vibrations, and he uses these vibrations to create a black stereotypical alien form. Disk Jockey is in a robotic suit that is several times larger than his body, the suit is separated into two green and black parts. The suit has a large, transparent chamber surrounded with silver parts with green glowing diodes. The hands are separated by rings of energy that connect to the main body.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on top of the chamber.


  • Vibrational Manipulation- Disk Jockey can manipulate the natural frequencies of the universe around him, allowing him to have a physical form. He also can use these vibrations for attacks.
  • Linguistic Capacities- Disk Jockey can understand any language, even those not understood by Universal translators.
  • Enhanced Durability- Disk Jockey's mechanical suit is very durable, hence Ben modifying the Omnitrix to transform into the alien whenever he is knocked out.


  • Technopaths- The suit could be taken over by technopaths, putting Disk Jockey in a significant disadvantage in battle.


The Sanavox are bio-mechanical beings that are created when lightning strikes, pushing the ionized frequencies into discarded tech layered all over the planet. They spend their time wandering the desolate surface of the planet for other Sanavox. When they find others, they create settlements in the ruins of the former inhabitants of the planet, the Olimaran.





  • If Ben is severely knocked out, the Omnitrix automatically turns Ben into Disk Jockey so he can survive and understand any language if waken up in an alien location.
  • Disk Jockey and his species seem to be the only ones capable of understanding what a Vulpimancer is saying, while most translators in the galaxy can't understand these species.
  • At the end of Chapter 6, Ben was originally going to turn into Disk Jockey due to being knocked out, but he was scrapped as Kuro thought it would be too distracting from the important events.