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Dr. Jim Grim

Dr. Jim Grim is a caretaker that helps incoming ghosts cope with the afterlife. He studies the ecto-mutations, hoping to find a cure for some of them. He used to serve Pariah Dark, the king of the Ghost Zone.


Dr. Jim Grim resembles a human skeleton with green eyes. He wears a long, black coat and wide, gray trousers. He also has a white belt with skull emblem. Dr. Jim Grim is usually equipped with his Eidolon Scythe.


  • Flight- Dr. Jim Grim has the ability to hover off the ground.
  • Intangibility- Dr. Jim Grim can make himself intangible, meaning he can phase through objects.
  • Invisibility- Dr. Jim Grim can turn invisible, making him unable to be seen by the human eye.
  • Teleportation- Dr. Jim Grim is able to create portals to anywhere in the Ghost Zone thanks to his Eidolon Scythe.