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Dragons are a species from the planet Zaka Chagg in the Andromeda Galaxy in 5 Years Later.


Dragons are quadrupedal reptiles that stand between twenty-five and thirty feet tall. They come in various shapes and colors but generally have long necks, tails, and large wingspans. They have scaly skin and elaborate crests, as well as orange or yellow eyes.


  • Fire Breath- Dragons are able to breathe out flames similarly to a laser beam.
  • Flight- Their wings provide them with flight capabilities.
  • Invulnerability- Dragons tough, scaly skin, makes them immune to nearly any damage.
  • Space Survivability- Dragons are able to survive in the vacuum of space.


  • Speech Incapability- Dragons require universal translators to speak to others who are not of their kind.

Society and History

Dragons are a highly intelligent species originating from the planet of Zaka Chagg. A curious species, many Dragons become cartographers, travelling across the galaxy and beyond in hopes of mapping out as much of the universe as they can. Despite their intimidating stature and abilities, they are a kind and caring species.

A group of Dragons landed on the desolate planet of Sadala, home to an abandoned and dying Kryptonian colony. The colony convinced the Dragons to help them find a new home. Facing an over-population issue on their homeworld, they instead brought them to their neighboring planet of Vegeta. Home to the native Tuffle species, the two species often interacted with each other, with the Tuffle trading their crops in exchange for precious metals not found on their planet.

Over the centuries, the three species would live in harmony and, creating a peaceful utopia.

Notable Dragons


  • Some Dragons shipwrecked on Earth and developed a colony on a special island off the coast of the UK, evolving into a subspecies of Dragons that are now native to Earth. Sightings of these creatures spawned inspiration for folklore.