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This page contains Ultimate transformations that are part of the Drawing Matrix series and are not canon to 5 Years Later.

What is Drawing Matrix

Drawing Matrix is a series of experimental art and design videos Hosted by O.R.Ash on the The Ink Tank's Youtube channel. In each video, Ash presents himself with challenges and prompts, to see what happens when he tries to rework existing Ben 10 characters and ideas with his own twist or gimmick.


Ultimate aliens are a result of placing the DNA of a certain alien species for a simulated warzone for an extended period of time, with the Ultimate being the result of the evolution in which the species went through. Due to the harsh environments the aliens are placed on, the Ultimates usually are more powerful and combat focused than what the alien was before evolving.

The Rules

During the introduction of the first Ultimate themed Drawing Matrix episode, O.R.Ash laid some rules to the Ultimate's designs, which are as follows:

  • The colors scheme must change. No Ultimate is allowed to share it's palette with it's regular counterpart.
  • There has to be a power tradeoff. for any new power an ultimate gains, there will be something from their original form they are not able to do after their evolution.