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"Ecto-Energy. All Ghost powers come from it."
―Danny Fenton[src]

Ecto-Energy is a transdimensional anomaly in the omniverse. It is the only compound that can transcend all rules of science.


Ecto-Energy is what makes up all Ghostly abilities used by Danny and Vlad throughout 5 Years Later. Ecto-Energy can change it's form. Sometimes it's physical and gooey, sometimes it's plasma, sometimes it's light, and sometimes it's multi-dimensional.

If users of Ecto-Energy were to push themselves, they would discover that there are no limits to it's power. Masters of Ecto-Energy seem like gods compared to the human race.

The source of all Ecto-Energy is from the Ghost Zone.


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Only a Ghost, which is a spirit of a deceased living creature from Danny's Dimension, or a sentient being made of Pure Ecto-Energy, can use Ecto-Energy. Beings who are half ghost have had their souls fused with Ecto-Energy, allowing them to use it while in limbo between life and death.

Common Ecto-Energy Powers

  • Ghost Ray- Ghosts can fire blasts of ecto-energy from their hands, fingertips, and eyes. These blasts often explode on contact and are powerful enough to melt steel
    • Repulsion Field- A Ghost can send out a pulse of energy in all directions from his body to repel large groups of attackers.
    • Energy Strike- A Ghost can channel ecto-energy through their fists to enhance the strength of his physical attacks.
  • Ecto-Energy Constructions- A Ghost can create constructs made out of solid ecto-energy in a variety of forms, including concentrated ecto-energy balls, waves, and explosive discs and rings.
    • Ghost Shield- A Ghost can generate shields made of solid ecto-energy that can nullify or even reflect attacks from other ghosts.
  • Power Augmentation- A Ghost can use their ecto-energy to increase their body's physical strength.
  • Ghost Stinger- A Ghost can send ecto-energy as electricity through an electric current, negating his enemies' electric attacks and sending them back at the attacker.
  • Ghost Light- A Ghost can project light from their hands using ecto-energy.
  • Spectral Body Manipulation- A ghost can bend, twist, and otherwise contort their body beyond the limits of normal human physiology.
  • Superhuman Strength- Gravity doesn't affect a ghost's body, so he can lift heavy objects with ease. In ghost form, he is strong enough to rip through reinforced titanium and can easily lift and throw hordes of enemy ghosts.
  • Superhuman Durability- A Ghost can withstand many hits and blows that would cause injury to any human.
  • Superhuman Agility- A Ghost's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels beyond those of a human being. Ghosts can effectively dodge attacks, swing from things easily, and perform acrobatic feats such as backflips.
  • Superhuman Reflexes- Ghosts have amazing reflexes, being able to dodge attacks with ease
  • Regenerative Healing Factor- Ghosts are capable of healing at much greater speeds than that of a human.
    • Vacuum Resistance- Ghosts can survive in space.

Uncommon Ecto-Energy Powers

  • Ghostly Wail- Very few Ghosts can generate an extremely powerful sonic blast of pure ecto-energy, that can destroy buildings and cause severe damage to both humans and other ghosts, from their vocal cords and mouth, accompanied by a distinct ghostly moaning sound. This power drains energy extremely quickly. It can destroy ghost who are too weak to withstand it and negate their accelerated healing factor.
  • Technopathy- Some Ghost can manipulate and control technology. The user can turn harmless machines in to weapons.
  • Electrokinesis- Some Ghost  are able to generate, manipulate, absorb and/or reflect electricity. Simple effects include the ability to generate electricity, shoot lightning, Ghost Stinger or overload a circuit. More complex ones include manipulating the electrical energy within a person, directing current in a more complex route than the one of least resistance, firing sparks, turning off electrical devices, and with a lot of control, atomize the matter.
  • Pyrokinesis- Some Ghost can generate balls made of ectoplasmic fire. Ghosts can engulf part of, or their entire body, in unstable ecto-energy, resembling flames. This can give Ghosts a more destructive and powerful use of their powers when in desperate combat.
  • Cryokinesis- Some Ghosts can fire blasts of icy energy from his hands or eyes that can freeze enemies on contact, radiate cold energy from his body, and create objects from ice out of thin air. When using this power, their eyes turn icy blue instead of their usual eye color. Danny can combine cryokinesis with his other powers for enhanced effects, such as firing an icy explosive blast or generating an ice shield to block fire attacks.
  • Duplication- Some Ghosts can create duplicates of their bodies that all have their characteristics, memories, and ghost powers that can fight along side with their user. Ghost can re-absorb their duplicates when they are not needed or if the duplicate would disappear if sustains too much damage, its body typically dissipates and the original is unharmed. However a downside is that the users power is proportionately divided.