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"I am so much more now.'."

Divinity, formerly known as Eon, is the main antagonist in 5 Years Later. He first appeared in Chapter 2: The Lonely Ghost. He is a Chronian from the planet Concordia. As of Chapter 8: Risen, Eon had evolved into an Ultimate Chronian.


Eon has a humanoid body. In the past, he had warm, yellow skin, grey eyes, and black hair. He wore a leather tunic and a purple scarf from his homeworld.

Before his death, Eon developed a system where he captures and stores an unknown number of Alternative Ben Tennysons, and forces them to transform into a Chronian to transfer his consciousness into, essentially gaining immortality via endless body-swapping. Upon each new body, he adjusts the Chronian transformation to resemble his original self.

When his body starts to decay due to prolonged use of his powers, his skin becomes greyish and damaged. His hair will fall out as well.

Until Chapter 9, Eon wore a long, black suit with purple stripes and a helmet with semi-transparent visor. The suit was made of multiple types of fabrics and metals, all working to preserve Eon's power. On his left arm is a gauntlet that protects his now-corrupted Omnitrix from his current Ben Tennyson body. He wears a matching gauntlet on the right.

After successfully evolving himself using the Godmaker, Eon's physical appearance drastically changes. He has more pronounced yellow skin. His muscle structure changes entirely, with his feet becoming small and stubby, due to him always floating, never again walking. He has four horns on his head with long light-pink hair that shifts into his older, darker hair at the ends. His left eye is entirely purple, with a yellow eye and orange pupil on his right. From his left eye, are purple time scars going down to his wrist, which is now has a black and silver Omnitrix in place of his hand. He has evolved beyond the need for food, sleep, and is now genderless, but still uses He/Him pronouns.

Now declaring himself as Divinity, he wears elegant black and purple robe, with silver armor on his shoulders, wrists, and chest. He has a white cape and a black belt with Chronian writing. He wears his purple scarf that he's kept since Concordia wrapped around his time-scarred arm. His hair is wrapped in three bands, ending in two purple beads.


"My apologies, I can't hear you over your soul slipping away at my hands. Now learn your place."

Eon's personality has varied through his seemingly-infinite journeys through the multiverse. However, it has mellowed out to be calm, collective, and intimidating.

He does not like sharing too much information with others. He keeps everyone on a "need to know" basis. He does not like to be pushed beyond his plans.

Eon is not inherently evil. He has a high regard for himself and his race, believing them to have the right to do as they please since they have put in the effort to learn and adapt to their intelligence and power.


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Eon has been on a journey for 4,000 Years to free his people from a universe that is collapsing in on itself. His race has the ability to break the laws of the universe but in doing so they caused their own destruction. Eon wants a way to use his abilities without losing his life in the process. He made it his goal to design a device to evolve his body so it can withstand the repercussions of bending time and space. But to do that he needed help. He founded The Alliance to bring his vision to life.

After Chapter 8: Risen, Eon achieved his dream and became a new being he calls Divinity.

In Chapter 9: Time Out, a time traveler reveals that Divinity will create an empire for an as of yet unknown purpose.


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"I can do many things with knowledge far beyond your comprehension. I am what some refer to as a Time Walker. I can go anywhere at any point in time I want, in any reality."

As a Time Walker

  • Chronokinesis- Eon has the ability to manipulate the movement of time, such as slowing it down to the point where it seems to stand still. Eon can also take himself and others outside of time.
    • Time Acceleration Ray- Eon can fire off a ray that rapidly accelerates anything it touches into dust.
    • Chronoportation- Eon can open rifts in time that can lead to any time in any dimension.
    • Time Travel- Eon has the ability to travel through time, He can travel through alternate timelines and alternate dimensions, although excessive use of this ability can cause him to age faster and become weak.
  • Physical Abilities- Eon is stronger than he looks, he is also quite agile.
  • Spell Casting- Eon uses his Chi to cast spells that manipulate matter, energy, and time.
  • Enhanced Durability- Eon's body has shown to be sturdier than the average Human, as he could take physical attacks from some of Ben's heavy-hitting aliens, such as Wildmutt and Diamondhead.
  • High Pain Tolerance- Eon is able to go about his daily life and even go into combat while his whole body was slowly decaying whenever he used his powers, while also ignoring the pain of his damaged arm concealed within his gauntlet.
  • Levitation- Eon's body can float in the air while meditating.
  • Master Tactician- Eon is the mastermind behind his campaign, he has learned and studied the secrets of the Multiverse, he is prepared for any outcome.
"You may be my wild card Vlad Masters, but don't think I don't know how to shuffle."

After becoming Divinity

  • Enhanced Strength- Divinity has supreme strength, allowing him to destroy 1/5 of Zim's Earth with a single punch.
  • Enhanced Biology- Divinity possesses enhanced physical characteristics such as durability, and endurance, that far surpass those of a human, being able to withstand being stomped by a To'kustar.
  • Time Control- Divinity is capable of locking a timeline for anyone trying to leave or enter it. He is also able to trap powerful beings in a time loop.
  • Size Manipulation- Divinity is able to alter the size of his body, whether shrinking in size or becoming large enough to overshadow a To'kustar.
  • Wormhole Negation- Divinity is powerful enough to remove unstable wormholes created by Ben as Portaler.
  • Teleportation- Divinity can transport himself and others to other timelines and dimensions.


"The strain of this power was not meant for mortals such as ourselves. As we pulled from the nectars of the universe, they pulled back at us. Every breach in time, every shift in reality, it wore our bodies down, making us weak and frail."
  • Body Deterioration (Formerly)- His Chronian body slowly deteriorates with every large use of his abilities, and eventually turns to ash. Eon found a way around this by possessing Omnitrix-wielders through-out the multiverse. After becoming Divinity, he no longer has this weakness.
  • Existence Erasure- Eon can be erased from existence by a Chronosapien Time Bomb if the Time Bomb targets his timeline.


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Early Life

'Eon' was a name given to him by the people of Concordia when he volunteered to be the one to travel through the Hands of Armageddon and find their race a new home. His real name is currently unknown. He was a young, gifted Chronian, who kept a purple scarf with him wherever he went.

The Destruction of Concordia

"They needed someone young, fresh, and fearless. I was chosen to be their messiah. My name is Eon. This is my story."

Eon's people were masters of breaking the laws of physics, they could shape time and space as they pleased. As they pulled from the nectars of the universe, the universe pulled back at them. Every breach in time, every shift in reality, it wore their bodies down, made them weak, and frail. It lead to their universe collapsing. They needed to find a new home.

In studies though the cosmos, the Chronian people discovered The Hands of Armageddon, an artifact said to exists simultaneously in every dimension. But one more leap through time and space would be fatal for a single Chronian. The Chronians all agreed to offer a fraction of their remaining power. Uniting them all to bear the pain as one.

The Chronian people chose Eon to be their messiah. He was young, fresh, and fearless. They sent him through a rift to find the new universe's version of The Hands, and power it from the other side to bring them all to a new utopia.

The 4,000 Year Journey

Eon found Ben's Multiverse during his 4,000-year journey to free his people. However, after countless leaps though reality, his body grew weaker and weaker. He could no longer power The Hands from the other side. Through his voyage across the multiverse, he learned of the Omnitrix, a device that Eon predicted could create a new Chronian to replace himself in his travels.

Eon battled Ben Tennyson countless times, attempting to get him to become a Chronian. With every failure, he would go back in time and try again. This nearly cost Eon his life. Until one try, it finally worked. Eon transformed Ben Tennyson into a Chronian. Eon augmented his soul into Ben's body, and was reborn anew. To ensure that Ben didn't take control over the body, Eon broke the Omnitrix so he can never transform. However, this solution to Eon's problem would be only temporary as this new body would one day fall too.

Every time his body would reach its limits, he would go to a new universe and obtain another Ben Tennyson. Eon made himself a base where he would keep Ben Tennysons he collected in advance. Some he used them as slaves. Others he used for experiments. Eon's fate became so intertwined with Ben that he started to believe he was Ben Tennyson.

The Time War


The Creation of the Godmaker


5 Years Later

  • In Chapter 2: The Lonely Ghost (Page 10), Eon located Vlad Masters and confronted him in Wisconsin with the intention of recruiting him to The Alliance. Promising Vlad ownership of his world, Eon is successful, with Vlad joining his team.
  • In Chapter 3: Reunion (Page 49- 50), Eon freezes time to free Vlad from Gravattack's gravitational hold just as Danny is questioning him. He tells him that they are going to meet their other associates, and the two go through a dimensional rift.
  • In Chapter 4: The Fallen Gods (Page 9- 24), Eon and Vlad meet up with Dr. Animo and Technus in Zim's lair, where he tells them his backstory and the next part of his plan.
  • In Chapter 6: Weightless (Page 2- 40), he and Dr. Animo find Zim's Universe's Hands of Armageddon. Later, Eon rescued Vlad, Technus, and a Dwarf Star sample from the black hole.
  • In Chapter 7: Fold (Page 1- 54), Eon confessed to Vlad his purpose in his plan and prepares for the Battle of the Keshawn Desert.
  • In Chapter 8: Risen (Page 1- 55), Eon used the Godmaker to transform himself into an Ultimate Chronian.
  • In Chapter 9: Time Out (Page 3- 20), Eon's plan succeeds and he now declares himself as Divinity. He immediately kills Dr. Animo to prevent any loose ends and when Cooper refuses to pledge himself to him, kills him as well. He battles Ben and Danny, punching Ben as Way Big, right through the planet with a single punch, causing calamity across the Earth. Gwen and Ben as Soarnitho attempt to go back in time to prevent his evolution and the resulting destruction. Eon responds by putting a lock on the timeline, causing them and Future Fenton, out of the timestream. Reveling in his newfound power, he transports Gwen, Kevin, and Rook to Professor Paradox and Clockwork, stating that even the best of help is now useless. He battles Ben and Future Fenton, until they leave to find Danny, realizing they can only defeat Eon if they attack him all at once.
  • In Chapter 10: Again (Page 1- 32), Eon battles Danny, Future Fenton, and Ben until Ben uses Buck Wild to flee with Danny and Future Fenton. Afterwards, a flashback is shown of Eon prior to his procedure, giving Vlad more information on how to kill Ben. He and Vlad go after the heroes, taunting Ben to use his full power. He then teleports Technus, showing Ben the consequences of his actions as his team are shown to be bruised and beaten fighting Technus and his Alternative Omnitrix Wielder slaves.
  • In Chapter 11: Shattered (Page 6- 8), Ben and Danny are able to break free from his reality hold and unleash a simultaneous attack on Eon while his guard is down. Eon has mysteriously vanished since.



  • Next to Kevin, Eon has had the most inconsistent backstory in the Ben 10 Franchise, to the point where each appearance of him was treated as a new character rather than having consistency. 5YL took elements from all versions and tied them together into one timeline.
  • His homeworld was never revealed in the original franchise, but was expanded upon in 5YL. Concordia, the name of his original planet, means "harmony" in Latin.
  • All Chronians have bright, neon skin. Yellow was chosen for Eon so it resembles his live-action actor the most.
  • Although Eon's body is long gone, making him technically deceased, his soul lives on through multiple versions of Ben Tennyson's body, allowing him to remain alive.
    • Since Chronians can augment their souls at will if Ben ever turned into a Chronian that would give Eon the opportunity to possess him.
  • The Transdimensional knowledge Eon gains after his evolution, causes him to grow multiple horn-like growths.
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