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"Our race was dying. Our universe, collapsing. We needed a new home"

This universe is where Eon originates from in 5 Years Later. It first appeared in Chapter 4: The Fallen Gods (Page 2).


This is the universe the Chronians originate from. In this universe, the Chronians were a civilization so technologically advanced they managed to control physics itself.

Their abilities come from an understanding of the Trea Xugau Concept; an evolved version of String Theory. With this understanding, the Chronians manipulate reality with their very essence. This cause great strain and accelerated decomposition of their bodies, diminishing their race from a global size to a small continent.

The Chronians were unable to come to a unanimous conclusion on how to restore their civilization before they go extinct. Some suggested ceasing using their abilities all together. Others yearned to study further, and perfect their great discovery. This prompted a Civil War, tearing literal holes in their reality, and dwindling their population even further.

After a long time, it drained most of their resources. So the Chronians decided to go on an expedition to save themselves, choosing Eon to guide them.

Key Places

Concordia's destruction

  • Concordia
    • Irene (City)



  • The planet of Concordia has no electricity. All technology is controlled by the Chronians' abilities.
  • The buildings are made of a mixture of stone and a black metal similar to Vibranium.
  • Plants grow in a way opposite to our dimension, such as trees starting out as bushels of leaves and then growing a trunk and roots above them, giving the appearance of an upside-down tree.
    • The leaves of the trees are either yellow or bright teal.