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Eon was the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Chronian from the world of Concordia in 5 Years Later. This was a younger genetic copy of Eon that an alternative Ben Tennyson was transformed into forcefully to kickstart Eon's rejuvenation cycle.


An looks exactly the same as his genetic donor.


  • Chronokinesis- Eon has the ability to manipulate the movement of time, such as slowing it down to the point where it seems to stand still. Eon can also take himself and others outside of time.
    • Time Acceleration Ray- Eon can fire off a ray that rapidly accelerates anything it touches into dust.
    • Chronoportation- Eon can open rifts in time that can lead to any time in any dimension.
    • Time Travel- Eon has the ability to travel through time, He can travel through alternate timelines and alternate dimensions, although excessive use of this ability can cause him to age faster and become weak.
  • Physical Abilities- Eon is stronger than he looks, he is also quite agile.
  • Spell Casting- Eon uses his Chi to cast spells that manipulate matter, energy, and time.
  • Enhanced Durability- Eon's body has shown to be sturdier than the average Human, as he could take physical attacks from some of Ben's heavy-hitting aliens, such as Wildmutt and Diamondhead.
  • High Pain Tolerance- Eon is able to go about his daily life and even go into combat while his whole body was slowly decaying whenever he used his powers, while also ignoring the pain of his damaged arm concealed within his gauntlet.
  • Levitation- Eon's body can float in the air while meditating.
  • Master Tactician- Eon is the mastermind behind his campaign, he has learned and studied the secrets of the Multiverse, he is prepared for any outcome.


  • Existence Erasure- Eon can be erased from existence by a Chronosapien Time Bomb if the Time Bomb targets his timeline.



The original Eon rejuvenation was instanced when Eon had finally succeeded in taking over an alternative version of Ben Tennyson, this would happen by the Chronian using his power over molecules to manually insert his own DNA into an empty DNA pod of the Omnitrix and remove the failsafe, allowing the DNA sample which retains much of his memories and consciousness taking over said iteration of Ben forever, this process has been perpetuated countless times by Eon. This first rejuvenation of Eon has long fallen apart and was replaced by another one in the cycle.



  • This is the very first reincarnation of Eon to have ever been and his DNA stems directly from that of Eon's original body.