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"Good Evening Extra-net and Multi-Dimensional Travelers, and welcome to the first episode of And Beyond!"

Terradino is the first episode of And Beyond.


Episode focuses on the jungle planet Terradino. Relations between its main three inhabitants (Ben's transformations: Humungousaur, Astrodactyl and, Krush) are explained by Horas.


Major Events

  • Crawnch's parents Ez'rah and Lee'Ha are seen for the first time.
  • It is revealed that Crawnch and his family were banished from their home in the down below when Crawnch was a child.





  • Krush (Debut)
  • Crawnch (Flashback)
  • Ez'rah (Debut)
  • Lee'Ha (Debut)



  • Crawnch's parents are revealed to be Ez'rah, an ambassador and his wife, Lee'Ha
  • There is an unofficial caste system created by the Pturbosaurian's, with them perched at the top, the Vaxasaurians in the middle, and the underwater dwelling Mulgogian's at the bottom.
  • Pturbosaurian's have a large superiority complex, even discriminating against their own kind based on the complexity and size of their crests.
  • Each species have a localized nickname given to them by the other species found on the planet.
    • Pturbosaurian's are known as "Skyskimmers"
    • Vaxasaurian's are referred to as "Groundshakers"
    • Mulgogian's are known as "Mudfish"
  • Vaxasaurian's are able to grow thanks to their ability to forcibly callous their skin, making them larger and tougher. However, they become less intelligent as less blood is being pumped to their brains.
  • Pturbosaurian's assist the Vaxasaurian's against their predator, the Tyrannopede's. As thanks, the Vaxasaurian offer their aid in anything they need. Taking advantage of this, the Pturbosaurian's often make them build massive stone spires for them to live in.
    • Both species utilize the remains of Tyrannopedes for various items and utilities, such as tools and clothing.
  • Although Mulgogian's dwell underground, many attempts have been made to live on the surface, with less than stellar success.
    • Some Mulgogian's currently live on the surface and are referred to as "Grippers".
      • Mulgogian's found on the surface are respected by Vaxasaurian, but are looked down upon by Pturbosaurian. This created a hostile rivalry between the two species.
  • The Tech Level System first mentioned in Ben 10 Alien Force, classifies Mulgogian tech as level 2.


  • This episode contained multiple spelling errors for the names of Alien Races.
    • Vaxasaurian is misspelled as Vaxisarian.
    • Pturbosaurian is misspelled as Ptorbisarian.
    • Mulgogian is misspelled as Mogolgonian.


  • Originally, the video was planned to feature two predators from Terradino. The second predator would have lived in the ocean and was a hybrid of a crab, a shark, and a squid.
  • Terradino is currently the most viewed episode of And Beyond. As of December 31, 2019, the video has 504,788 views.
  • This episode of And Beyond took about 4 months to complete.