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Methanos is the second episode of And Beyond.


Horas' extraterrestrial exploration takes us this time to the toxic planet of Methanos. Methanos is the home world of the Omnitrix Transformations Swampfire and Acidgrime.


Major Events

  • R300 Orion IT Systems Model V04 goes onto an extra dimensional trip after being damaged.





  • Planet has a highly toxic atmosphere full of methane which the Methanosian's have learned to generate, giving them their pyrokinetic abilities.
  • All sentient life on the planet are full of a unique chemical compound known as Ziellphyll, which gives them sentience and distinguishes them from other plants on the planet.
    • Not all Ziellphyll-filled species are sapient, with most being more associated with the mental capacity of a wild animal. Only the Methanosian and Xolbrine have sapience.
  • Methanosian's have several different forms
    • Start out in a small "Pod Form"
    • Next they quickly grow into their "Budding Form", which is the form that Swampfire was in for Ben 10 Alien Force up to Omniverse.
    • The Blossomed Form we see Swampfire go through in Ben 10 Omniverse, is known as their "Bloom Form" and is their mature state.
    • When they get older, they start to harden and become stiff. This is known as their "Wooden Form" and is their last form.
      • Methanosian's wood form, resembles early concepts of Swampfire and Ultimate Swampfire.
  • Methanosian's are the dominant species on the planet, with no natural predator.
  • The other intelligent species, the Xolbrine, evolved from various pond scum and possesses porous organs that produce algae.
  • Xolbrine dwell in bogs and use their algae generation to make host bodies for them to travel on land for hunting.




  • This episode of And Beyond took about 2 months to complete.