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The Ghost Zone is the third episode of And Beyond.


In this episode of And Beyond, Horas takes us beyond Ben's universe to the Omniversal Anomaly known as The Ghost Zone.


Major Events





  • Horas says "that's against the rules" as a call back to Walker's catchphrase.
  • This episode features numerous cameos of different characters from across the Omniverse.
  • Danny's middle name is revealed to be Jonathan.
    • His father Jack's middle name is revealed to be Stephan.
  • Both Ben Prime and Danny's Universes, are given official designations.
    • Ben's Universe, is classified as UNUA-0001
    • Danny's Universe, is classified as FANTOMO-04930
      • Both are words in Esperanto meaning first and phantom, respectively.
  • The reason for The Ghost Zone's unexplained existence, is due to it being a one-of-a-kind pocket dimension that is unbound by the laws of physics, it is essentially a glitch in the Multiverse.
    • Even so, nobody understands why this occurred.
  • The Ghost Zone is comprised of Ecto-Energy, which exists in various states of matter.
  • There are two types of Ghosts: Natives and Spirits
    • Natives, can appear as nearly anything, ranging from simple shapes to complex monsters and were always from The Ghost Zone.
    • Spirits, are deceased humans, that have had their soul caught in The Ghost Zone, resulting in them becoming Ghosts.
      • Overtime, Spirits will manifest with Ecto-Energy, causing new biology and essentially, a second life.
        • As Spirits continue to dwell, they will overtime, evolve and mutate for eternity.
  • Some Ghosts try to slow down their corruption/mutation, by replacing their organic parts with machines, as seen by Ember's new appearance in Chapter 8: Risen.
  • Sanctuaries, are the floating islands found across The Ghost Zone. They are created by new spirits, to help them deal with their new life and death.
    • Sanctuaries can also be created by Natives, who can create to a greater and more advanced degree than Spirits.



  • This is the first episode that doesn't take place in the Ben 10 Universe.
    • This was also the first episode to be released in the same month as the previous episode.
  • This was the first episode of And Beyond to feature a fully animated scene.
  • This episode of And Beyond took about 2 weeks to complete.