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Sonorosia is the fourth episode of And Beyond.


In this episode of And Beyond, Horas takes us on our extraterrestrial exploration on the perfectly pitched planet of Sonorosia.


Major Events

  • R300 Orion IT Systems Model V04 returns from his extra dimensional trip he went on after being damaged on Methanos.
    • After a lightning strike, he goes haywire and dimension jumps again.





  • The Sonorosians were created by the Olimarans as cheap labor and have different models, each specializing in different tasks.
    • Over time, they became sentient.
  • The Olimarans are the same species as Inspector 13, a Techadon Master who first appeared in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.
    • Over time, the Olimarans began augmenting themselves with technology, which is why Inspector 13 possesses red eyes, instead of the natural blue eye color.
  • The Olimarans used their logic-based moral code, to create advanced, yet dangerous tech and weaponry. They began selling it to offworlders in the black market, making a hefty profit.
    • Their technology was considered to be Level 13 tech on the Tech Level System mentioned in Ben 10 Alien Force.
  • The Olimarans over-harvested the planet's resources, causing the planet to become polluted and inhospitable for their kind.
    • It is theorized that the Olimaran travel from planet to planet, harvesting its resources to produce further technology and weaponry. With the latest planet being known as Techadon.
  • After the planet fell into ruin, the Sonorosians retreated under the surface; only going back to the surface to retrieve abandoned scraps of Olimaran tech for their underground construction sites.
  • Sanavox are a relatively new species, created by lightning striking discarded tech found on the surface. The Ionized frequencies then become trapped inside and eventually, gain sentience.
  • The Sanavox spend their days wandering, looking for other members of their species.
    • When they find other Sanavox, they create a settlement out of discarded tech. Here, they create mounds of mechanical parts and scraps, hoping to create more Sanavox.
  • The Great Hum, is a religion created by the Sanavox and Sonorosians, based on the strange sounds the Sanavox hear from the sky, believing that the Olimarans contacting them to return one day. Therefore, they spend their time getting ready for their arrival.
    • In actuality, these signals are just random radio waves getting caught in the planet's atmosphere, and the Olimarans have no desire to return to Sonorosia.