Episode 7: Kylmyys

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Kylmyys is the 7th episode of And Beyond.


Six years ago, Ben Tennyson's transformation Big Chill temporarily overtook Ben's conscious and forced him to hatch fourteen Necrofriggian offspring, which then flew into space to feed on Earth's sun.

After some time, their feeding became an issue, prompting the Plumbers to relocate them to their native home planet, Kylmyys, where Ben has taken the responsibility to frequently visit them, although, his job as a galactic hero keeps him from keep a consistent schedule, cause his offspring to resent him.

Commander Crow calls Ben Tennyson for him timely visit to Kylmyys. Ben, who is still on Anur Transyl investigating Zs'Skayr's lab (from the previous episode), tells him that he will be late again, and to send a Horas in his place baring a special gift.

Horas Model TPV36 is relocated from X'Nelli to Kylmyys with Ben's gift, and explores the planet's inhabitants, locations, and history in detail.

After documenting information on the Thermascorians, Horas is kidnapped by The Ice Pack, Ben's offspring, as they recognized it using Ben's keycode to pass through the Plumber's security and enter Kylmyys. Disappointed in Ben's absence and his gift (a rare mineral called Auraborium that tasted horrible), The Ice Pack decide to eat Horas instead.

As Ben and Rook are leaving Anur, they reflect on Ben's careless prank on Blukic and Driba to fill their laboratory with spare Horas droids, they bring back the Horas that was exploring Anur to read it's video card. A flash of a certain Ectonurite's eye is shown.


Major Events


  • The Ice Pack
    • Glacier
    • Kenko
    • Maxwell
    • Smoothie
    • Popfly
    • Cotton
    • Candy
    • Cube
    • Jackie
    • Ishiyama
    • Chillifry
    • Frosty
    • Snow Ball
    • Slurpee
  • Fridge (cameo)



  • Horas mentions X'Nelli, home planet of Arctiguana, as being his intended destination before being redirected.
  • At the time, this was the largest cast of voice actors The Ink Tank has worked with for an animated project.
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