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Eradicators are a series of robots created by the Kryptonians from the Ben 10 Universe in 5 Years Later. They debuted in And Beyond Episode 5: Krypton and Vegeta.


Eradicators are large, bulky humanoid robots. They have silver metal plating and have bulbous, round heads with two green or red eyes, with three green or red nodes on their forehead. Their heads are protected by a covering of transparent, green glass. They have a large red chest-plate with the symbol of Rao.

When travelling, their limbs and entire lower bodies are retracted and replaced with propulsion systems.


Eradicators are merciless machines programmed to survey planets and relentlessly wipe out any life deemed a threat to the Kryptonians.


  • Flight- Eradicators propulsion systems, allow them to fly at immense speeds, able to traverse planetary distances in a short amount of time.
  • Near Invulnerability- Eradicators have bulky armored plating, allowing them to withstand nearly any attack.
  • Enhanced Strength- Eradicators possess immense strength, able to lift entire buildings with no effort.
  • Energy Weaponry- Eradicators have several retractable tentacle-like appendages that are capable of firing powerful energy beams.




Despite the many restrictions put in place by the Kryptonian hierarchy, Kryptonians still sought for knowledge of the universe and created Eradicators. The Eradicators are created to explore the cosmos and collect information on the planets they scour. Any planet with species, deemed a threat to the Kryptonians, are promptly wiped out by the Eradicators.


And Beyond


  • The Eradicators' appearance is a reference to the Iron Giant.
  • The three circles on top of the Eradicators' head is a reference to Brainiac.