Eruptile is the Omnitrix DNA sample of a Fragbufo from the planet Obsidi in 5 Years Later.


Eruptile is a lizard-like alien with blue scales and a yellow-ish abdomen.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on a black, white and green pad on his right leg.


  • Lava Barf- Eruptile's body creates lava in his stomach. He can barf it out to melt objects.
  • Digging- Eruptile's species are natural burrowers allowing them to tunnel through the ground, even through solid stone.
  • Enhanced Durability- Due to their hostile living situation the Fragbufo have incredibly thick and dense skin.


  • Overeating- Eruptile can become incredibly sick if he consumes too many rocks and minerals.


Eruptile's species are the Fragbufo from the planet Obsidi. Obsidi is inhabitable on the surface due to how close it is to its solar systems sun leaving the surface scorched. The Fragbufo live deep underground in tunnels, like moles, and feed off of the plethora of rocks and minerals on their planet.




  • Eruptile's alien race is inspired from the Dododgama in Monster Hunter World.

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