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Eter'Caneic are an extinct species formerly from the planet Kylmyss in 5 Years Later.


The Eter'Caneic were bipedal beetle-like humanoids with a single merged eye. They had an orange or yellow and black shell that was most dense along their chests and back going down to their abdomen. They had black arms and legs with their wrists, hands, and lower legs being orange.


  • Heat Resistance- Eter'Caneic are resistant to high temperatures and extreme heat.


  • Oxygen Dependency- Although they are resistant to extreme heat and temperatures, if the temperature is high enough to burn up oxygen, they will be unable to breathe and eventually suffocate.

Society and History

The Eter'Caneic were an industrial society that existed thousands of years ago on the planet Kylmyss. They had aspirations to create interstellar travel for themselves to explore the stars. They attempted to achieve space travel using World Pilots- artificially created, active volcanoes that could be used to propel the planet forward through space.

When activated however, The World Pilots high temperature caused the planets oxygen supply to burn up, resulting in their demise as well as death of most life on the planet and the near annihilation of the planetary ecosystem.

Notable Eter'Caneic



  • Due to becoming extinct thousands of years ago Ben does not possess a Eter'Caneic form in his arsenal. However in the situation where Ben was to encounter a more intact fossil specimen or a revived specimen he could obtain the form in a similar situation to that of Whampire.
  • Their species name is a anagram for Eric Canete, who designed Big Chill.
  • The Eter'Caneic are the ancestor species of both Necrofriggian, and Thermoscorians.