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Feedback is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Conductoid from the Teslavorr Nebula in 5 Years Later.


Feedback is a lanky bipedal alien. He has one green eye with a dark green vertical pupil. His body is green and black. He has two tentacles resembling power cords on his shoulders with large plugs on the ends and a long black tail. He has golden battery bolt-like appendages on his forearms, hips, and shoulders, and has hollow battery-like fingers. He also has pointed feet.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest.


  • Energy Absorption- Feedback can absorb various types of energy from the holes in his fingers to a limited extent.
    • Physical Ability Booster- Although Feedback already has enhanced physical abilities, he can improve all of his physical abilities by choosing to constantly absorb energy.
    • Electrical Charges- Feedback is able to release electrical charges in the form of ranged attacks or to empower his punches.
  • Elastic Tendrils- Feedback is capable of stretching the tendrils in his shoulders for more range.
    • Energy Release- Feedback can release energy stored in his body from the plug-like tendrils on his shoulders.
    • Radio Signal Sensing- Feedback is able to sense nearby radio signals using his tendrils.
  • Enhanced Agility- Feedback can quickly move out of the way of attacks & projectiles with great reflexes.
  • Enhanced Strength- Feedback has enough Strength to break a boulder & lift beings like Phil's Terroranchula form in the air.
  • Enhanced Durability- Feedback is show to have great durability from giant Malware blast at close range & being thrown against wall with great force.
  • Enhanced Speed/Quadrupedalism- Feedback can run on all fours to improve his speed.
  • Immunity to Electricity/Electricity Immunity - Feedback's physiology is adapted to withstand large amounts of electricity, making it immune to the negative effects of electricity.
  • Space Survivability- Due to Feedback's home world being a nebula & not a planet, Feedback can survive in space.


"There's too much energy to absorb. I'm gonna eject it upwards."
  • Limited Energy- Feedback does not have limitless energy; though the Omnitrix automatically provides him with some energy, this can run out, in which case he will have to recharge because the energy within him will deplete with use.
  • Energy Absorption Limit- Feedback has a limit to how much energy he can hold at once. Absorbing more energy past this limit requires him to discharge some energy first.
  • Vulnerable Tendrils- Feedback's tendrils can be easily pulled on, causing him great discomfort and leaving him stuck in place.