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Fenton Works is a company in Danny Phantom Universe that produces ghost hunting technology. It's owned by the Fenton family and is centered in Amity Park.


Fenton Works used to be a normal home before it was renovated by the Fenton family. Now it is a laboratory for experimenting new ghost hunting weaponry. From the outside, Fenton Works is covered with hidden defense mechanisms.

On top of the building is the The Emergency Ops Center. In extreme time of crisis, the Ops Center can detach from the home and turn into a mobile base of operations.

The Emergency Ops Center

Key Locations

The background of Fenton Works

  • The Basement
  • The Emergency Ops Center
  • Living Area
  • Danny's Room
  • Jazz's Room
  • The Parents' Room


  • Fenton Thermos- Possibly the most important piece of tech (Besides the Ghost Portal), the Fenton Thermos. This small metallic thermos allows the user to capture and trap any Ghost caught in its blue beam, regardless of size or shape. It has no effect on Humans or other none Ghost lifeforms, However it does still work on Ghost Hybrids.
    Fenton Thermos.png
  • Ghost Catcher- A high-tech dream catcher that separates and traps any ectoplasmic material from people who have it inside them. This has even been shown to work on Ghost Hybrids like Danny and Vlad, which separates their ghost and human half apart. It has two sides which one is for separating and the other one is for merging.
    Ghost Catcher.png





  • Fenton Works has since upgraded its security. It is now on the same level as the Pentagon.