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FleaShooter is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an O'Koylian Krelabugg from the destroyed planet O'Koyl in 5 Years Later.


FleaShooter is a small, insect-like alien with a large head. He has a permanently open circular mouth, four legs connected to a small body and six eyes. He wears a green and white suit and black strap on his head.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his head.


  • Nutrient Absorption- FleaShooter is able to attach to a host's skin, feeding by absorbing their nutrients, weakening them over time.
  • Repurposed Projectiles- Any nutrients absorbed by FleaShooter can be recycled into pellet-like projectiles, which he can fire at opponents through his mouth.


  • Ally Undermining- FleaShooter causes any transformation he is attached to become weaker over time, reducing the extent of his usefulness.






  • FleaShooter is part of the Omnitrix's Parasite Playlist, being able to act as a sort of turret mounted to the body of other transformations, but weakening them in the process.
  • The O'Koylian Krelabugg are colloquially known as “Killobites”, referencing one of the potential names for this transformation.
  • Fleashooter and Side Effect were based on transformation concepts that appeared inside the Parasite Playlist in the video “What if Venom was a Ben 10 Alien?” from The Ink Tank channel on YouTube.