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Floam Rubber is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Pilloid from the planet Matros in 5 Years Later.

This transformation was a commission and not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.


Floam Rubber is a humanoid alien whose body is made up of different segments. Three of them form his face, which split open in two different areas to form his eyes. His body is light blue with teal blue fingers. He wears a green, black, and white uniform.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his stomach.


  • Kinetic Nullifier- Floam Rubber is able to redirect kinetic energy and physical attacks due to his foam and rubber-like body.
  • Projectiles- Floam Rubber is able to shoot out pieces of his foam rubber as an extension of his body.
  • Regeneration- Floam Rubber can regenerate his foam bits.
  • Enhanced Durability- His body is nearly indestructible.


  • Absorption Limit- Floam Rubber has a limit to how much kinetic energy he can absorb and redirect.






  • His species Pilloid is based on the word "pillow".
  • His home world Matros is based on the word "mattress".