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Floof is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Raccth Palgeist from The Anvitic Nebula in 5 Years Later.

This transformation was a commission and not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.


Floof's appearance is very similar to tanuki from Earth. He is very small and not very heavy. He wears a black suit with his fur poofing out of a neck hole. He has a long, brownish-red tail, giant ears, and two toes on his feet. His eyes are green and he is wearing a black mask on his face.

In his metamorphic state in-between a Raccth Palgeist and a Raccth Genogeist, he stands on all fours in a gorilla-like position. His fur becomes more fuzzy and has a more darker tone. His body grows sharp, pink Mana crystals all over his body, most notably on the end of his tail and the two crystals on his forehead that resemble horns.

Upon reaching his Raccth Genogeist state, Floof becomes an incredibly large, foxlike transformation with more body mass distributed to his upper body than lower. He now has three tails, longer ears, and more pronounced crystals. His uniform is now replaced by green, silver, and black armor that goes from his chest down to his waist.

Floof and Floofier have the Omnitrix symbol located on their stomach. Floofiest has the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.


  • Draining Touch- Floof can absorb and store the life force of other beings, draining them of their stamina, vitality, and strength via physical contact. He can even absorb Mana from those that possess it in large amounts.
  • Energy Storage- With the stored “energy” Floof can energize his own body causing his limbs to grow in size and increasing his strength. By growing his arm larger for example or if he where to be hit by an attack, he could energize his tail and ball himself up in his own fur for protection. He can also use this stored energy to float, allowing him to limit his physical contact.
  • Enhanced Durability - From its earliest form, Floof is surprisingly durable for such a small creature, but that doesn't mean it's indestructible, but it can take a lot of damage and the more it changes, the more durable it will be.
  • Space Survivability- Floof can survive in the depths of space.
  • Metamorphosis- Floof's species undergoes physical changes if they absorb certain amounts of life force. These amounts usually being half a planet and a whole planet's worth of life force, unfortunately, this process also contaminates their DNA with that of all the beings who’s life force they absorb so these metamorphic stages would be lost to the Omnitrix with how it works as Floof would probably be reset each times Ben times out.
    • Enhanced Strength- From his second stage, Floof possesses incredible strength.
    • Life Force Beams- Floof can now also expel life force energy out of his crystals.


  • Draining Limit- Floof is unable to drain the life force of anything at the power level of Prypiatosian-A's or higher, due to their life force being too immense to safely drain.
  • Childish Personality- Ben’s mind is warped to be more childlike and innocent while in this form. Another side effect, is he will listen and take orders from anyone he views as his superior.
  • Paranoia- Ben will have the feeling he is being watched while in this form and will constantly be paranoid.
  • Size- Floof's small size and low weight, allows others to easily throw him around.
  • Restraints- Due to his dangerous nature, Floof’s full potential is locked; the suit Floof wears keeps his Draining abilities from running rampant and out of control.
  • Extensive Draining- Floof's life force draining ability is dangerous, as it can not be turned off and causes those that are being drained to wither and decay, potentially destroying others if he stayed in physical contact for too long.
  • Life Force Beams- Floof has no control over the direction his beams go.


Raccth Palgeist originate from somewhere in the depths of the Anvitic Nebula. Despite an appearance some would call “cute”, these creatures are very dangerous. Similar to Ectonurites, Raccth Palgeists seem to not have “Mana”, which is likely a result of their origin point. Their lack of conventional mana seems to have lead them to gain their draining abilities. They often leave their nebula home and drain the life force of others and although they usually do this with no malicious intent, this draining ability of theirs has a side effect on their biology and after enough life force is drained, they undergo a metamorphosis as the more they drain the more they change. After half a planets worth of drainage, they look like nightmarish versions of themselves and after a whole planet's worth, they became colossal beasts sprouting multiple limbs, tails, and many other possible traits. In this state, their personalities are so warped and twisted, they refer to themselves as “Raccth Genogeists” since to reach that state that would have to drain an entire planet to death, these beasts are nothing but twisted aberrations consumed by their own narcissism and greed.

According to the Raccths themselves they exist in several variants, each brought about by whatever dimension they call home and using their Nebula home, to travel to different planes. The Raccths are simply members of its species, that have gone “native” to this dimension. This information leads to the hypothesis that the Raccths, maybe some sort of genetic collector, venturing into different planes and collecting DNA before returning to their Nebula’s depths. Unfortunately, this may mean that within the Nebula’s depths, there is something that is receiving these collected DNA samples.






  • There seems to be an ever-expanding amount of Subspecies of Raccths.
  • Within their nebula home, Raccths are colloquially referred to as "Frenzy" with a group of them being "Frenzie".
  • In his secondary form, the crystals are given a drill-like shape as a reference to the spiral a double helix makes because the crystals are drained life force and grow as Floof's own DNA Mutations.
  • If Floof were to obtain any of the metamorphic states, the effects would be reverted when the Omnitrix times out/deactivates. This allows the stolen Mana to possibly revive or reinvigorate those Floof stole it from.