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Four Arms is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Tetramand from the planet Khoros in 5 Years Later.


Four Arms has a large muscular body with extra arms and red skin. He has four green eyes, a black beard and his hair is in a ponytail. Four Arms wears gold, silver and green gladiator-like armor, much like other Tetramands.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his sash below the stomach.


  • Enhanced Strength - Four Arms has immense strength that he can lift objects several times his weight.
  • Sonic Clap - Four Arms can smack his hands together to send a powerful shockwave in the direction of his choosing.
  • Enhanced Durability - Four Arms has high durability due to his tough and thorny skin.
  • Enhanced Reflexes- Four Arms has very strong reflexes, as he is capable of catching missiles midair and redirect them in a single motion.
  • Shockwaves- Four Arms can create shockwaves by smashing his fists onto the ground, which are strong enough to send his enemies flying.
  • Heat Resistance - Due to his tough and thorny skin, Four Arms is almost fire-proof and laser-proof.
  • Slime Spit- If under the effects of a cold, Four Arms can sneeze out a spray of slimy snot from his mouth.
  • Wall Climbing- Four Arms is capable of climbing walls by pushing his fingers into them to make hand holes.


  • Lack of Speed – Due to Four Arms' massive size, he can't run as fast as most of Ben's other transformations.
  • Cold Virus- If under the effects of a cold, Four Arms' strength and stamina can be severely reduced.
  • Tight Spaces- Because of his large size, Four Arms is not effective in small spaces.



By Ben

By Experiment 10


  • Four Arm's gladiator-like appearance is a nod to the normal wear of Tetramands on the planet Khoros.
  • Four Arms appears in an animation made by Kuro for the Butch Hartman YouTube channel.