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Frankenstrike is the Omnitrix's DNA of a Transylian from Anur Transyl in the Anur System in 5 Years Later.


Frankenstrike has a muscular body with yellow skin and gray hair put in a ponytail at the end, a beard and sideburns, and two tower generator coils on his back. He wears black pants with five green shining lines on each leg. He has stitches on his arms, with bolts on his shoulders. His arms, neck and some of his fingers have green patches. He has brown gloves with his fingers showing, and has pin-like bolts on each hand. He also has a large pink scar starting from his neck and ends at his abdomen and a gold bolt embedded in the middle of the scar.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his belt.


  • Enhanced Strength- Frankenstrike possesses enough physical strength to punch clean through metal.
  • Enhanced Durability- Frankenstrike skeletal structure is made of pure metallic Corrodium, allowing him to withstand most attacks.
  • Electrokinesis- Frankenstrike can generate and manipulate green lightning bolts using the two Tesla coils on his back.
  • Electromagnetism- Frankenstrike can magnetize his body to attach to metal structures.
  • Technokinesis- Frankenstrike can control machines by connecting his Tesla coils to them.
  • Space Survivability- Frankenstrike can survive in the vacuum of space.
  • High Intellect- Frankenstrike possesses a high amount of synaptic activity, granting him higher intelligence and understanding. He is not as smart as Grey Matter or Brainstorm, but still very intelligent.
  • Corrodium Immunity- Frankenstrike is immune to the negative effects of Corrodium.


  • Electricity Absorption- Frankenstrike's electricity is stored in his Tesla coils; and can be absorbed from these.
  • Tight Spaces- Frankenstrike's size means he is unable to move in small or tight spaces.