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Freeza is a villain in And Beyond. He first appeared in Episode 5: Krypton and Vegeta. He is a Brumaran from the planet Freiza in the Andromeda Galaxy in the Ben 10 Universe.


In the episode, Freeza appears in his first form, which, like in the Dragon Ball Universe, is short, with a large, white, chestnut-shaped skull with two straight horns that protrude at near 45 degree angles. He also has a purple section on his head, pink parts with lines on his cheeks, as well as lilac skin on his face. He wears a standard armor of his army, consisting of a purple body suit with yellow shoulder guards. He also wears a red Scouter.


Freeza is an evil being who relished in pain, death, destruction, fear, and power, but displayed a civilized and refined demeanor.


  • Ki Control- Freeza is able to control and utilize his Ki in the form of energy blasts.
  • Transformation- Freeza possesses multiple transformations. Each consecutive transformation further increases his Ki control and power.
  • Flight- Freeza is able to fly at high speeds via Ki control.
  • Space Survivability- Freeza can breathe in the vacuum of space.




  • Like in the main Dragonball Universe, this Freeza attempted to conquer the planet Vegeta, however, due to the Saiyan's "Senzu Form", and the planet wide united support of the Saiyans, the Tuffle, and the Dragons, they managed to hold their ground against him and protect their planet from him and his forces.



  • His name has alternatively been spelled as "Frieza" in English media. Freeza is the more accurate way of spelling his name.
  • On the Ink Tank Discord, it was revealed that this Freeza perished in the assault on planet Vegeta, with his armor now being used as a scarecrow for one of their farms.

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