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"Kuro you're a nerd lol"

Avery T. Martinez II is a content creator of The Ink Tank.


He is 6'0" feet tall and his most noticeable feature is his smile.


He's friendly, a man of the people, always looking forward to the next thing.


Fro has known Hurshie for a little bit over 10 years now. They met through a chatroom, hosted by a then YouTuber 'ImReallyWhiteYo'. They bonded over their love of his music and a bunch of other things and has been friends ever since. Fro met Kuro a few years after, roughly around 2013, and though they haven't really spoken much until 2017 they always had a mutual understanding and respect of one another's artistic talents. Mid-2018 Kuro and Hurshie asked Fro if he wanted to be a part of The Ink Tank and he responded quickly with a swift yes.


  • Fro is the only member of The Ink Tank who does not specialize in drawing.
  • Despite his setback in drawing he's quite proficient using Photoshop.
  • Garfield was the name of Fro's first pet and he's been obsessed with the character ever since.
  • He doesn't have an afro anymore.
  • Fro's real archnemesis is Shadeek.