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Frostbite is a character in 5 Years Later. He is a Ghost from the Realm of the Far Frozen within the Ghost Zone.


Frostbite is a large, white Yeti with tattered, blue drapes covering his shoulders and torso. The drapes are held together with golden braces. The brace around his torso is embedded with blue gems. He has two horns; one natural, and one made of ice. The ice prosthetics continue down half off his face, and his entire left arm, transparently exposing his bones. His non-prosthetic eye is red. He has one ear on his right, while missing his left one. He is roughly 15 feet tall.


Despite being the leader of the Far Frozen, Frostbite is extraordinarily humble and respectful to others. So much, so he refers to Danny as the savior of the Ghost Zone and him his humble servant after he defeated Pariah Dark.

Frostbite is also very friendly and cheerful to others, and serves as a mentor for Danny with his cryokinetic powers.


  • Cryokinesis- Frostbite can fire blasts of ice energy from his eyes or hands. He is also able to make ice constructs such as crystals or weapons like swords using cryokinesis.
  • Ghost Powers- Frostbite possesses the basic ghost powers of intangibility, flight, and invisibility.


  • Ghost Hunting Equipment- Like all ghosts, Frostbite is susceptible to technology designed to capture or fight ghosts.