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Full Stop is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Naljian from an unknown dimension in 5 Years Later.


Full Stop is a blue, slim energy based humanoid engulfed in blue flames. He wears a metal green, black and white suit with sharp shoulders, white tubes on the sides of his torso, other metal elements and a metallic visor with green components and three tiny holes covering his face.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest.


  • Absolute Grip- Full Stop is able to hold objects, energy, or people for infinity. This is done by the projection of blue energy tendrils from his hands, which envelop around a target, restraining it.
  • Dimensional Lock- Full Stop is able to keep objects or people in an absolute point in space regardless of spatial, temporal or reality dimensions.
  • Dimensional Shifting- Full Stop is able to travel across spatial dimensions.
    • Invisibility- By travelling to higher spatial dimensions, he appears invisible to those not able to perceive the dimension he is currently in.
  • Multi-Dimensional Vision- Full Stop can view various dimensions simultaneously, the exact number of dimensions he can see is unknown but 26 is believed to be at least the bare minimum.


  • Visor- Full Stop's visor helps Ben perceive and focus on higher dimensional space and various types of energies.






  • Full Stop was created by Hurshie Lee in 2017.
  • Full Stop was created from the idea of Ben having an alien with powers similar to Syndrome, the main antagonist from the movie The Incredibles.
  • Full Stop was the first new transformation designed for the Powerhouse Playlist.
  • Full Stop was teased on the cover of Chapter 3: Reunion back in 2017.
  • Before his official debut, the 5 Years Later community referred to him as “Flameboi”.
    • This name came from a conversation between Kuro and user Karol248PL after his silhouette was first shown. The name was later used by Kuro multiple times and gained popularity in the fandom.