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FusionFall: Retro was an unofficial remake of Cartoon Network's crossover MMO FusionFall. The game's servers shutdown on April 16, 2020.


The world of the Cartoon Network Universe has been invaded by the army of Lord Fuse. Both heroes and villains from across the world have joined together to stop this threat to the universe, and you can help join them in FusionFall Retro! A remake of Fusionfall game made by fans of the original game.

FusionFall 5 Years Later

In the aftermath of Dexter’s experiments with the Omnitrix, many of Ben’s Transformations have escaped and taken on personalities of their own! So far we’ve been able to spot AmpFibian, Spidermonkey, and a whole bunch of Echo Echoes out in the world. There have even been reports of Albedo sneaking around. He’s up to no good, no doubt!

With these new characters comes over 20 new missions, all new Fusion encounters, and even the return of Mega Fusion Echo Echo, complete with a small preview of the Null Void!

With this update, the holosuit was changed to Ben's outfit from 5 Years Later, the FusionFall Retro team has adapted the look as a full player set. If you loved it, you can get permanent versions of the items from Mega Fusion Echo Echo.

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