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"Divinity's Empire is relentless. Every way my team and I attempted to stop them has failed. We felt going back in time was our only choice left."
―Future Fenton[src]

Future Fenton is a hero in 5 Years Later from the future. He first appeared in Chapter 9: Time Out.


Future Fenton wears an advanced power suit which is stitched with a mix of Plumber and Fenton tech. He has a silver helmet with a green visor. White hair comes out like a flame on the top. He has a black and silver chest-plate with Danny's logo in the center. He wears a black and white jumpsuit underneath the armor, with a white specter deflector. He has a blue gauntlet of Rex's Omega Builds, with green tubes that are attached to an Ecto-Converter. He has large, silver boots that reach just beyond his knees.


Future Fenton is well-mannered and persistent, eager to stop Divinity in any way possible. Two Years of fighting Divinity's forces have made him anxious, but incredibly brave and full of determination.


  • Ghost Ray- Future Fenton can fire blasts of Ecto-Energy from his right hand.
  • Ghost Shield- Future Fenton can create a ghost shield of ecto-energy. He uses his Cannon to help generate it.
  • Flight- Future Fenton is able to fly and use the Exoskeleton Boots to stabilize and increase his flight capabilities.


"Your whole arsenal is made of tech from my father's lab."
Danny Fenton[src]
  • Power Suit- Future Fenton possesses a high tech power suit. The suit comes with an array of offensive and defensive weaponry and various equipment. The suit also possesses immense strength and durability.
    • Cannon Gauntlet- Future Fenton's left gauntlet, is a build with similar properties to Rex Salazar's Omega Builds. The gauntlet can fire Ghost Rays and can open up to reveal further weaponry such as a supercharge Ecto-Energy powered ax blade. The gauntlet can also absorb Ecto-Energy attacks and use the collected energy as ammo, thanks to a modified Ecto Converter located on his left shoulder.
      • Computer System- Used to program time travel coordinates and destination, as well as monitor vitals.
    • Exoskeleton Boots- Exoskeleton Boots provide flight capabilities and are highly durable.
    • Specter Deflector- Prevents certain levels of Ecto-Energy attacks and prevents a ghost from overshadowing/possessing him.
    • Boo-merang- It locks onto a ghost's unique ecto-signature and, once it is thrown like a regular boomerang, seeks that ecto-signature out wherever that ghost goes until it finds its target. It is powered by an internal power source that can last for at least ten years during active use.
  • Hands of Armageddon Fragment- A leftover fragment of the Hands of Armageddon, it allows him to travel through time.


"I can feel another soul attempting to breach this timeline. There you are... Why don't I open the door and welcome our surprise guest?"
  • Sotobro Effect- Powerful beings such as Divinity, can detect Future Fenton's presence in the timestream and force him out.


  • In Chapter 9: Time Out (Page 15- 34), From two years in the future, with the help of future Tucker Foley, Dib Membrane, Sam Manson, XJ9, Zak Saturday, Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Rufus, Rex Salazar, and Nigel Uno. They all teamed up to stop Divinity but he was proven too powerful. Future Fenton attempted to go back in time to stop Divinity from gaining power. He tried going back to the moment he was at his most vulnerable, before Eon activated The Godmaker. However, Divinity noticed him going through the timestream and put a lock on the timeline, preventing him from going further back in time and forcing him out into the present. From there, he engages Divinity and later helps Ben find Danny.
    • Danny also notes he has a lot of Fenton Works gadgets.
    • Ben thinks that Future Fenton is Danny from the future, this is from the fact Future Fenton has ghost abilities and a similar uniform to Danny.
  • In Chapter 10: Again Future Fenton was flying with Danny and Buck Wild battling Vlad and Divinity. When the latter was proven to be too strong for them, they retreated. When Portaler and Danny starting arguing over the next course of action. Future Fenton stopped the argument, before they were attacked by Vlad and Divinity.
  • In Chapter 11: Shattered Future Fenton went to assist the falling Lula, GoTro and Crawnch back to solid ground in a forest island in the Temporal zone. Fenton explains about the Omni-Chimera  and how they guard each universe under Divinity’s rule. Fenton then lends his tech to GoTro so he can form the Orion Knight’s armor and gives the three the job of placing the Salazar Silencer on Big Ben. However when they learned Danny was trapped in Dark Matter Future Fenton bolted to where Danny was and attempted to pull him out, but it awakened Danny who entered a stage dubbed Fury and went berserk, Fenton was worried it was too late to save Danny from the monster he has become.



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