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Ganic Lagorges, or Krakkens, are a species from the planet Anur Millgan in the Anur System in 5 Years Later.


Ganic Lagorges are giant, bipedal creatures with four webbed legs, a tail with a fin and two tentacles coming out of their mouths which act like two extra arms.


  • Mineral Secretion- When fed the Ganic Lagorge produce a mineral secretion which when diluted, creates the black water that the Milit Lagish require to breathe.
  • Underwater Breathing- The Ganic Lagorge can breathe underwater.



Society and History

Despite their lack of sapience, the Ganic Lagorge are considered leaders on their planet due to their importance to the continued survival of the Lagish who tirelessly feed and support them. This is because when fed, they generate a mineral rich secretion which is vital to the ecosystem of Millgan, creating the black water the Lagish need in order to breathe. Their symbiotic relationship with the Lagish keeps their planet's biome in balance and so both are vital to one another.

Notable Ganic Lagorge

  • The Deep Creek Lake Krakken and her Eggs
  • Captain Kork's Guard Krakken
  • Vreedle Cavern Krakken