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Gaz Membrane is a character in 5 Years Later from the Invader Zim Universe. She is the daughter of Professor Membrane, and she is Dib Membrane's sister.


Gaz is an average 12 year old girl. She has brown eyes and short purple hair that almost covers her face. She wears a light blue T-Shirt, a purple skirt, black stockings and boots.


Gaz is not a nice person to anyone. All she wants to do is play video games all day and prefers not to talk to other people. She is very easily annoyed by others, especially by her brother Dib. When she is angry, Gaz becomes a furious bringer of vengeance. In this state she is extremely violent-minded, threatening whoever angers her with fates worse than death. Despite her dislike for her brother, she sometimes helps him in his quests, but only when it benefits her.


  • Martial Arts- Gaz has some skill with martial arts and combat.
  • High Intelligence- Gaz possesses intelligence that is above the average human.


  • Uncontrolled Rage- Gaz can be angered easily and vow revenge which can cloud her judgement.
  • Antisocial- Gaz doesn't like social interaction and will rarely talk with others.