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"Nanites. Pretty sweet, eh? Got 'em from a few dimensions over."

This is the universe that Generator Rex (A show created by Man Of Action, the creators of Ben 10) takes place in. It has not made a direct appearance in 5 Years Later but Nanites from this universe appeared in Chapter 7: Fold.


Rex's Universe is very similar to our Universe. This is the universe where an E.V.O (Exponentially Variegated Organism) teenager named Rex Salazar lives and works for organization named Providence. In this universe, the Earth's atmosphere and every living being is filled with deactivated Nanites.


A few years prior a project began which was supposed to cure diseases, grow new cells, regenerate bones by constructing nanomachines called Nanites, The "Nanite Project". However, there was an accidental explosion that released unstable Nanites into the world. This caused every single living being to get infected with them. This accident was named the Nanite Event and was considered the most significant catastrophe in history.

After the Nanite Event, Rex started working for Providence, the organization meant to fight E.V.O.s. Using his abilities to control Nanites, he could cure some E.V.O.s and build bio-mechanical machines dubbed "builds" out of his body. He later got injected with the "Omega-1 Nanite", which expanded upon his abilities by giving him new, more powerful builds.

At some point, Ben Tennyson was accidentally shifted into this universe by Alpha, a being made out of Nanites. Ben helped Rex defeat Alpha after he took his Omega Nanite, which caused him to lose access to his most powerful builds, by upgrading Rex's nanites using Upgrade which enhanced his builds with alien technology. Alpha was finally defeated by Rex firing Ben through Alpha as Cannonbolt. Later, Ben took compressed Alpha to the Null Void using Upchuck on his way home.

Sometime after, Rex cured the whole world using the Meta Nanite.

Key Places

  • New York
  • Providence Headquarters
  • Abysus
  • The Bug Jar
  • Aquania


  • Salazar Family
  • Bobo Haha
  • Agent Six
  • Doctor Holiday
  • White Knight
  • Noah Nixon
  • Circe
  • Van Kleiss
  • Black Knight



  • Ben Tennyson once got shifted into this Universe in a special called Ben 10 Generator Rex: Heroes United.
  • This Universe shares some parallels with Ben 10 Universe such as similar characters.
  • Caesar Salazar, a great scientist from this universe, appeared in And Beyond Episode 3: The Ghost Zone.
    • Caesar was also one of the original scientists on the "Nanite Project", the project that led to the development of Nanites.
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