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"So you're half ghost right?"
"Yeah, what about it?"
"Does that mean you're like, half-dead?"
Ben Tennyson and Danny Fenton[src]

A Ghost is a term used to describe a sentient being native to the omniversal anomaly known as the Ghost Zone.

A Ghost can either be the spirit of a deceased living creature from Danny's Dimension whose soul was caught in the Ghost Zone upon their death and infused with Ecto-Energy, or a sentient being made of Pure Ecto-Energy that was born native to the Ghost Zone.


The Natives

Creatures native to the Ghost Zone are composed entirely of Ecto-Energy and can have a variety of appearances. Some may just appear as gelatinous Ecto-Energy with facial features. Others, like Frostbite and Undergrowth, can appear more organic and monstrous.

There have been Ghostly Dragons, Skeletons, Living Nature, Living Weather, even Living Shadows that have been documented from the Ghost Zone. Being a cosmic anomaly, there are no concrete rules or limits to the types of creatures that can spawn from the Ghost Zone.

The Spirits

The majority of all known Ghosts are the spirits of deceased humans. They typically resemble their natural human appearance when alive, but with glowing eyes that lack pupils.

Over time, they begin to evolve/corrupt the longer they are exposed to the Ecto-Energy of the Ghost Zone and can have unnaturally colored skin (like blue, green, or white), pointed ears, and irregular muscle structures. Danny remained Caucasian when first receiving his Ghost Form due to being half human. Over the course of this corruption, they become more and more powerful but more feral. Only a select few Ghosts have been able to overcome the immense mental strain of the corruption, achieving what some refer to as "Godhood", with the most notable of these Ghosts being the powerful Ghost known as Clockwork.

A Spirit will continue to grow more and more but will never truly gain a final form.

Phases of Spirit Ghost transformation


"Ecto-Energy. All ghost powers come from it."
―Danny Fenton[src]

Main Article: Ecto-Energy

Ghosts have a variety of supernatural abilities typically referred to as Ghost Powers.

Common Ghost Powers

  • Intangibility- A Ghost can turn their body intangible to pass through walls or other solid objects.
  • Invisibility- A Ghost can make their body invisible to both humans and ghosts.
  • Flight- Ghosts are capable of repelling against gravity, so they can fly through air and space at considerable speeds and heights, as well as walk along vertical surfaces.
  • Overshadowing- Ghosts can possess the mind and body of a person, ghost, or animal, allowing them to completely control his or her actions. While overshadowing, a Ghost can still use their powers of flight, intangibility, invisibility, and ghost rays.
    • Exorcism- Ghosts can separate a possessed person from a ghost overshadowing them simply by grabbing them with their hand or using a ghost ray.

Notable Ghosts





  • Ectonurites are very similar to Ghosts but Ectonurites are an alien species and not spirits of the dead.
  • Only those native (or currently present) in Danny's Dimension are capable of becoming a Ghost upon death.
  • Butch Hartman (the creator of Danny Phantom) has stated that the ghosts in Danny Phantom are not actually dead people, but monsters from another dimension. This goes against the evidence provided in the original show, causing controversy among fans.
    • 5 Years Later will not incorporate the new "ghosts are actually monsters" rule, and all of the ghost's original origin stories will be kept intact.
  • Some Ghosts try to slow down their inevitable corruption in the Ghost Zone, by replacing their natural body parts with machines.
    • This solution is only temporary, as it just simply slows down the corruption process.

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