Ghostfreak is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Ectonurite from the planet Anur Phaetos in 5 Years Later.


Ghostfreak is a ghost-like alien. He has pale white skin and black cracks over his body. He has a single green eye. The bottom of a tail can be seen coming out of his skin. He has sharp claws on each of his fingers.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on one of his tentacles and can be seen in a crack on his left pec.


  • Intangibility- Ghostfreak can turn his molecules intangible and phase through objects.
  • Levitation- Ghostfreak can move about without needing to touch the ground, and can float as high as he chooses.
  • Possession- Ghostfreak can phase into anyone's nervous system and control their actions.
  • Tentacles- Ghostfreak can peel back the skin on his stomach and use his tentacles to scare his opponents.
  • Telekinetic Abilities- Ghostfreak can take large objects and move them around with his mind.
  • Energy Beams- Ghostfreak can fire an energy beam from his tentacles.
  • Space Survivability- Ghostfreak can survive in the vacuum of space because he's alive in a more unconventional sense.
  • Sharp Claws- Ghostfreak's fingers are razor-sharp bones protruding out of his skin.
  • Invisibility- Ghostfreak can cloak himself to be undetectable by the naked eye.


  • Brainless Opponents- Ghostfreak cannot possess bodies without a brain.
  • Intense Light- If his inner layer of skin is exposed, he can be killed by intense light.
  • Intangible Opponents- If a foe turns intangible, they can touch Ghostfreak while he is intangible.




  • When Rook first met Danny, he assumed that Danny was an Ectonurite like Ghostfreak.
  • Ghostfreak is the first (and so far only) alien form to be used more than once in the story by present-day Ben. This was done in order to show the difference in power and skill between Danny and Vlad, who Ben has used Ghostfreak against on both.

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