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The Godmaker was a device created with the combined technologies from three dimensions to function as an Enhanced Ultimatrix. It was destroyed in Chapter 8: Risen.


The Godmaker is a fairly large frame-like construction, with three distinct “sections” with each section holding a circular or a spherical shape.

The bottom section of the device which was designed in the style of Dr. Animo stands on a large foundation made out of metal with is dissected with red lines in between of which various objects in the vein of Ventilators or Meters. Out of the bottom section's base stand two black pillars with red patterns similar to the ones of a Galvanic Mechamorph, between of those stand a largely silver ring-like object with holders for each of the limbs of a humanoid creature.

On top of those Pillars there's a black “connector” of sorts with light green pigmentation at the ends and two red lines bisecting it. Out of those connectors come out two further pillars done in a style of Technus and a smaller horizontal pillar that keeps the previous mentioned ring supported, out of these pillars come out multiple cables that connect both to the upper section and partially of the Second object, the Hands of Armageddon. Which is surrounded by many wires and high-tech equipment.

The Final section is the “roof” section done in the style of Zim, which is the origin of most of the wires connected to the Hands of Armageddon. The Bottom of the section is rather white but not completely with a brown stripe going through it, on top of that there is a beige hemisphere with stitch-like patterns and an Irken insignia in a lighter shade of beige, out of the sphere stand three silver openings with pink-purple sphere levitating out of them of which two are extended by a blackish stick-like rods, which presumably are to keep the Star in place and to harness its energy to power the machine. The hemisphere also has two lantern-like shapes coming out of it.


The Godmaker is a device that functions like the Ultimatrix, in that it can evolve one far beyond their natural limit using artificial means to greatly increase their power.

Similar to what happened to Professor Paradox when he entered the time vortex, The Godmaker made Eon's body experience the same conditions to survive the effects of warping/bending and all together controlling the fabric of space and time without suffering the repercussions. While this took Paradox over a million years, the Godmaker sped the process for Eon in only a couple of minutes. Allowing Eon to keep his sanity and Intelligence, while evolving to godhood.

Unlike the Ultimatrix (Where the evolutionary process is random), using the Hands of Armageddon, The Godmaker is able to control the evolutionary process. This allows the user to evolve and become whatever they want to be.



  • The Godmaker was designed as early as Chapter 4 just for it to have a cameo on Technus' monitor early in the chapter.