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Goop is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Polymorph from planet Viscosia in 5 Years Later.


Goop is a mass of green goo. He can change shape at will via his anti-gravity projector. His most common form is a humanoid shape, but he can alter it in a variety of ways due to his lack of a skeletal structure. His gravity projector is silver, black, and green. Usually, it floats above him to stabilize his form.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on top of his Anti-Gravity Projector.


  • Colloidal Physiology – Since Goop's body is similar to a colloidal substance, it can stretch, bend, and reform into any shape you want and much more.
  • Slime Generation – Goop can produce massive amounts of slime to shoot his opponents from any part of his body; He can also make this slime sticky to keep his enemies in place of him or acidic for the offense.
  • Indestructibility- Goop is virtually indestructible, making him very hard to defeat.
  • Flight- Since Goop has an Anti-Gravity Projector, he has a limited flight capability due to his anti-gravity projector being able to lift him off the ground.
  • PH Control- Goop is able to release hydrogen ions into his body, causing it to be more acidic. When he wants to reverse the effects, he releases an equal amount of hydroxide ions.
  • Regeneration- Due to his liquid body, Goop can reform and does not react to most physical attacks.
  • Slime Entrapment- Goop is capable of holding objects inside his slime body; he can also do this with people to protect them.


  • Anti-Gravity Projector- Goop's anti-gravity projector lets him change his shape, length, width, and height at will. It can also give Goop the ability to fly and levitate. If he ever loses his Anti-Gravity Projector, the Omnitrix can immediately generate a new one.


  • Lack of Anti-Gravity Projector- If Goop's Anti-Gravity Projector is out of range, his body will collapse into a helpless pile of goo.




  • One of Goop's anti-gravity projectors holds together the planet Piscciss. This was done after Ultimate Aggregor stole the planet's original core, and it began to collapse. The Omnitrix replaced Goop's projector with an exact replica after this event, allowing Ben to still use him with no issues.